Voipfone Unlimited

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All our premium services plus unlimited UK calls in one great value package

Per User Per Month
Package Features
01, 02, or 03 UK phone number 01, 02, or 03 UK phone number
Unlimited calls to UK landlines Unlimited calls to UK landlines
Unlimited calls to UK mobiles Unlimited calls to UK mobiles
Minimum two users Minimum two users
12 month contract 12 month contract
Included Premium Services
Call Groups Call Groups
Call Queues Call Queues
IVR Switchboards IVR Switchboards

Plus all our standard FREE services: voicemail, call diverts, business hours and more

Calls in the Unlimited package can be made to 01, 02, and 03 UK landline numbers, and to 07 UK mobile numbers (but excluding specialised mobile numbers such as Jersey and Manx). In order to make calls to other destinations - such as international or 08 numbers - calling credit should be added to your account and calls to them will be charged at our normal rates. Cloud Call Recording refers to the service itself; monthly storage fees are not included.

The package is designed for businesses that use the telephone for their normal business activities. Call centres, telemarketers and re-sellers are specifically excluded from this service. It is not suitable for customers using their own PBX. Full details of these and other exclusions can be found in our Terms and Conditions. None of these exclusions will affect a normal business telephone user.

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