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Voipfone Press Release 2nd June 2005

Voipfone Package Builder Puts VoIP Customers in Full Control of their Telephone Service and Saves Customers Money.

Voipfone, the expanding London-based Internet Telephone provider of Voice over Internet (VoIP) services, today announces the launch of its Package Builder™ facility which allows customers to select the precise bundle of features they desire for their telephony usage.

Aimed at home and business users, Voipfone's Package Builder™ gives the customer full control of what they want to include in their service bundle. Until now, VoIP customers have been encouraged to buy a bundle of services compiled in advance by their telephone provider, regardless of whether it suits their individual needs.

With the release of Package Builder™, all Voipfone's existing customers will automatically be transferred from their current package and, as a result, they will save between 10% and 40% of their monthly charges.

Meanwhile, new customers will no longer pay a setup fee, meaning they save between £9.99 and £59.99 and will benefit immediately from the new lower prices and increased functionality. Full tariff and product details can be found here.

As an added advantage, calls to the international destinations included in each of the call options now work out at less that 1p/min, regardless of the time of day or destination, which gives a saving of at least 28% and as much as 52% on Voipfone's already low International call prices. Countries i ncluded in the deal are Western Europe, North and South America, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan, Poland and Czech Republic.

And of course, all options allow calling to every ordinary telephone in the world, at Voipfone's very low prices. Customers also benefit from making considerably cheaper calls from their ordinary mobile phone using the new Free Access Mobile Call Back service.

With Package Builder™, Voipfone customers have a comprehensive range of free features and services, including: voicemail and voicemail email alert, incoming telephone number, caller ID, call transfer, call hold, call divert, 1471, 123, call waiting, software telephone, unlimited internet calls, 3-way calls, unlimited video calls, Voipfone setup wizard, multiple lines, and technical support.

Colin Duffy, CEO of iNet Telecoms Ltd (Voipfone), comments: "The needs of VoIP customers vary widely because their lives and businesses are all different. But, previously, there hasn't been a package on the market to suit everyone. Many providers try to lock customers into calling plans that have features they don't need. Sometimes, these involve expensive 'optional extras'; other times, customers are trapped into paying for more than they can use.

Often they have to sign up for inflexible contracts with hidden cancellation costs. In effect, they're getting what the provider wants to sell them - not what they want to buy."

He adds: "Our Package Builder™ turns this situation on its head by letting customers compile the bundle of services that suits them, not us. They only pay for what they need to use and we give them an unprecedented range of choice. This level of personal tailoring hasn't been seen on the VoIP market before."

Voipfone offers more features than its competitors, and all elements of Voipfone's Package Builder™ are competitively priced, so the customer obtains the best possible deal.

Customers can add and remove features at any time, without penalty, as their business evolves and changes.

Notes to Editors

Voipfone is an internet telephone service provided by iNet Telecoms Ltd, a London-based company which was formed to develop the latest voice over internet technologies for small businesses. It aims to challenge the traditional telecoms industry by offering web based, self-service and low cost, high quality services that have more advanced features than the old public switched telephone network (PSTN).

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a way of making telephone calls over the internet without needing to use the traditional telephone networks. Calls to other users of this technology are free, no matter where the caller and called party are in the world.

For further information, regarding this or any other press release please contact:

Colin Duffy, iNet Telecoms Ltd (Voipfone)
Email Address: press@voipfone.co.uk
Telephone Number: 0345 868 5555

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