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Busy Lamps

Busy Lamps is for use with extensions on our PBX and means that - if you have a phone that supports it which at the moment that means all snom phones - you can see which extensions are busy, which are ringing and which are free.

This is obviously a very useful function for receptionists - they can see who's available before transferring a call. But it is also useful for everyone, especially in a distributed business with extensions in different physical locations; at home or even in different countries; it works wherever the telephones are located. You can see whether an extension is available before you call it.

A useful side effect of this feature is that you can now simply press the key next to the extension number and it will dial the number for you directly.

Snom Telephones

The snom 300 has two line lamps (though others can be configured if you don't mind losing the function that the relevant key already provides).

The 320, 360 and 370 have twelve lamps. If you need more than this an additional keypads can be added. See our Snom Extension Keypad.

You set BL on all telephones that need to know the availability of the other phones on your PBX. This does not mean that all your phones need use it or that all extensions need to see all other extensions - it's up to you how you want it to work for you for information on how to set up busy lamps either click here.

How Do I Setup Busy Lamps?

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