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Voipfone and the Environment

Environment and Sustainability

Voipfone has always been a green company; way back in 2009 we were a finalist in the National eWellbeing Awards which celebrate the social, economic and environmental benefits of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

All our operations - from our network platform to our billing and payments, back-office, customer support and management systems are 100% digital. Customer ordering, invoicing and accounts managements systems are all web based too. We are therefore a totally paperless organisation interfacing electronically with our customers and suppliers.

In 2008 we replaced our power-hungry servers with more energy efficient equivalents and we’re half way through a development plan that will half our existing energy use too.

We have no offices, so we impact the environment far less than we would if we were a traditional business with employees travelling to and fro every day. And because homeworkers tend to use amenities such as shops and gyms closer to their house, this leads to further social and environmental benefits.

An Ethical Employer

An Ethical Employer

At Voipfone we believe our staff are our greatest strength, and are committed to treating everyone fairly and with respect. We believe that family comes first and we do not permit a long hours culture.

Our success is based on the hard work of all our employees. For that reason, our profit share is split equally. There are no fat cats here - everyone receives the same cash amount, no matter what their salary or position in the company. Imagine if the banks and other big corporations did that!

Many of our customers have replicated our way of working or have invented their own using our technologies to create sustainable business models as well as cleaner businesses. And, of course, the 2020 COVID health crisis cemented the working from home benefits for all of us.

We constantly improve our environmental practices - not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it also makes commercial sense.

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