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We have a policy of honest, transparent pricing. Calls are free between all Voipfone customers and extensions - no matter where they are. We charge by the fraction of a second and round the total call cost up to the next penny, with a minimum call charge of 1p.

The telephone industry is notorious for deliberately obfuscating its prices and using rather underhand tricks to disguise its charges. We have written an article 'Scams of the Telephony Trade' which will help you spot the most obvious scams and misleading marketing techniques.

All prices quoted below are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated

Cloud Hosted Phone Services

Our cloud phone services and free minutes combined in a selection of simple monthly plans, or pick and choose from our phone services for the home, home workers and small businesses with Voipfone Flex.

Monthly Plans Compare plans
Plan Price per user, per month
Voipfone 100 £5
Voipfone 500 (minimum 2 users) £10
Voipfone 1000 (minimum 2 users) £15
Voipfone Unlimited (minimum 2 users, 12 month contract) £20

Voipfone's monthly plans are designed for businesses that use the telephone for their normal business activities. Call centres, telemarketers and re-sellers are specifically excluded from these services. They are not suitable for customers using their own PBX. Full details of these and other exclusions can be found in our Terms and Conditions. None of these exclusions will affect a normal business telephone user.

Voipfone Flex Sign up now
Service Price per month
Extension £1
Call Group £1
Call Queue £2
Call Barring £3
IVR Switchboard (single menu) £5
IVR Switchboard (multi-menu) £10
Custom Music on Hold £2
Call Me Back Pro £2
Cloud Call Recording (Click here for details on storage pricing) £10
UK Phone & Fax Numbers
Number Prefix Price per month *
01 & 02 £3
03 £3
0843 £3
0845 £3
0870 £3
0800 (voice calls only; 0800 numbers have an inbound call charge of 3p per minute) £5

Volume Discount Savings are automatically applied on accounts with more than 10 UK phone numbers. Numbers 11-20 will be £2.50 per month, and 21 and above will be only £2 per month.

International Phone Numbers
Country Area Code Price per month
Belgium Brussels £5
France Paris £5
Germany Frankfurt £5
Ireland All Areas £5
Italy Milan £5
Spain Madrid or Barcelona £5
Sweden Stockholm £5
Switzerland Zurich £5
USA Freephone 1-8xx £5

With the exception of Irish numbers, European numbers have an inbound call charge to you of 2p per minute (ex VAT). Calls to Irish numbers have no inbound call charge. USA freephone numbers have an inbound call charge of 4.2p per minute (ex VAT). Your caller pays their standard rate for dialling a geographical number in that country.

Calls to UK Landlines
Destination number Call cost
Landline - 01, 02, 03 * 1p
0800 & 0808 ** FREE
0843, 0844 & 0845 ** Click to check
0870, 0871 & 0872 ** Click to check
118707 Directory Enquiries ** 120.8p per call plus 9p per minute access charge

* Calls to Crown Dependencies (i.e. Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man) are charged at 3p per minute and are not included in Voipfone Plan or Landline Minutes packages.

** Unbundled Tariff Numbers (08, 09, 118) are not included in Voipfone Plan or Landline Minutes packages. Our Access Charge for Unbundled Tariff Numbers is 9p per minute.

Calls to UK Mobiles
Destination Network Call cost
O2 7p
EE 7p
Three 7p
Virgin 7p
Vodafone 7p
Lyca 7p
Others (not included in mobile minutes package) 20p

There is a minimum charge of 1p. Diverted calls are charged at the same rate as dialled calls.
UK mobile calls are charged based on the number range called, not the network the number is currently active on. For example, it would cost 7p per minute to call an O2 mobile number which has been ported to Lyca mobile.
When comparing our prices with others, please check their minimum price and minimum duration charges - it makes a very big difference to your final bill.

Calls to International Landlines
Destination Call cost
Brazil, Canada (exc. Yukon and Northwest Territories), Denmark, France, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, USA (exc. Alaska and Hawaii), Vatican City 2p
Other countries Click to check

Calls to some premium, freephone or other special numbers in countries shown above may cost more. Please check before calling by using our Call Cost Calculator.

Calls to International Mobiles
Destination Call cost
Canada & USA 2p
Bangladesh, Bermuda, Bhutan, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, China, Colombia, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Romania, Slovakia, South Korea, Sweden 10p
Other countries Click to check

Calls to some premium, freephone or other special numbers in countries shown above may cost more. Please check before calling by using our Call Cost Calculator.

Call Minutes Packages

UK Landlines Minutes Packages
Package Discount Price per month
500 Minutes 5% £4.75
1000 Minutes 7.5% £9.25
2000 Minutes 10% £18
5000 Minutes 12% £44
10000 Minutes 15% £85

Calls to Crown Dependencies (i.e. Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man) are not included in Voipfone Plan or Landline Minutes packages.

UK Mobiles Minutes Packages
Package Discount Price per month
250 Minutes 10% £15.75
500 Minutes 20% £28
1000 Minutes 28.5% £50
2500 Minutes 37% £110
5000 Minutes 43% £200
10000 Minutes 65% £245

Mobile networks included in these packages: Vodafone, Virgin, O2, EE, Three, plus their resellers such as Tesco and ASDA. They exclude specialist networks such as Manx and Jersey.

SMS Packages
Package Price per month
100 Messages £7.60
500 Messages £37
1000 Messages £72

Managed Broadband Packages

Voipfone business broadband services connect you directly into our telephone network so we're totally in control of its performance - you are not using the public internet to make your telephone calls and there's only us to talk to if you have a problem with your calls.

Voipfone Managed Broadband Packages Check Availability
Broadband Package One-off setup fee Price per month
Voipfone Standard ADSL £40 £22
Voipfone Pro ADSL £40 £35
Voipfone Standard FTTC £55 £35
Voipfone Pro FTTC £55 £45

Not all Broadband Packages are available at all locations. Please check before calling by using our Broadband Availability Checker.
Additional fees may apply for service cancellation and data over-usage.

Miscellaneous Charges

One-Off Manual Transaction Price
Number Porting fee (applied when porting to or from our network) £20
Number Porting Rejection fee £10
Move a number from one account to another £5
Change of number from fax to voice or voice to fax £5
Number reactivation after final expiry £10
Broadband Cancellation fee £30
Broadband Overage fee (per GB) £1
Line Rental Cancellation fee £13
0207 number one off set up fee £150
CLI Presentation Activation fee £5
OSIS Phone Number Listing £10

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