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VoIP technology allows you to make your telephones work the way YOU want them too. We have many thousands of customers using our services in a very wide variety of ways.

These are some case studies of real customers using Voipfone services and demonstrate the types of businesses and individuals that we have as customers and how they have customised their Voipfone service to make it do exactly what they need. If you would like your company to be included in our list of case studies, please call customer services on 0345 868 5555.

You may also like to read an article written by Peter Warren for the Guardian showing how several businesses use our virtual London numbers: click here.

If you need help designing your own service - just give us a call 0345 868 5555.

Accountants Customer Ref: 92693

The Partnership was established in 1957 and since then has provided assistance to thousands of local, national and international businesses and organisations.

Situated on the south coast in 1066 country the firm was originally based in Bexhill-on-Sea. In 1988 it acquired a well-established practice in Battle which now also bears their name. As the number of clients within Hastings continued to grow it, opened offices there in 1991.

They are members of the national UK200 Group of Chartered Accountants.

The Client Base Includes

Voipfone Set-Up

The accountants use a traditional office set-up. The main office number is set to call the two receptionists snom 360's. Busy Lamps show the availability of their PBX's 10 extensions and calls are transferred to them as they become available.

As there is both intensive use of the office phones and also constant internet and email usage, the partnership uses two ADSL lines with voice and data separated. (This also allows for failover should either DSL circuit fail).

If you are a firm of accountants, and you are using or service differently to the description above, and you would like to be included on this case studies page, then, please call our customer services team on 0345 868 5555.

Top Five Customer Tweets

Top Five Customer Tweets

The Raw Talent Co. @therawtalentco
Brilliant customer service from @voipfone yet again. Thanks folks :-)

Jon Cook @wonder_lander
Need flexible VOIP solutions? Get a local phone number for £2.40 per month @Voipfone #ff They've got all your communications covered!

Cuttsy and Cuttsy @cuttsyandcuttsy
Fantastic service @Voipfone ordered yesterday pm received our VOIP system this am and making calls in less than 10 min, thank you.

Xcell Partners @XcellPartners
@voipfone Your customer support is excellent. Thanks again to your team (Matthew) for making life easy (and fantastic value).

Jon Cook @wonder_lander
My first #FF is to @Voipfone for providing me with a low cost virtual geo number. Great support and easy to use website!

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The Outsourced Office Company Ref: 89124

This London based company provides offices and office services to small businesses, start-ups and SOHO workers. They use technology to create an environment of comfort, style and functionality.

Customers can grow, relocate or downsize with minimal disruption simplifying the whole process of finding and using office space.

Their Services Include

How They Use Voipfone

They rent desk space and office services - which includes a snom 300 plus a Voipfone geographic telephone number - to each of the 50 entrepreneurs occupying the offices. This means that customers can add and remove telephony services easily and cheaply, can pay for their own use of the services and take their telephone number to the next location when they outgrow their environment.

They use Voipfone for managing their own business too, using 6 extensions, several DDIs and snom telephones.

Doing this in the traditional way using BT landlines would be difficult, inconvenient and extremely expensive.

The Railway Plant Hire Company Ref: 62736

This customer provides heavy construction equipment mainly to the rail industry and has a head office in London and a depot in the Midlands. Prior to using Voipfone this split site working created very large BT bills as they would be paying for calls between the two locations and there would usually always be at least one call in progress at all times.

He now uses Voipfone's virtual PBX (switchboard) which allows calls between the 2 locations as though they were in the same building. Calling between the two locations is free.

How They Use Voipfone

The company has 18 fax and telephone numbers comprising of London 0207 and Manchester 0161 an 0845 and a 0870 (used for free inbound fax). They have 15 extensions from our PBX. There is one extension at the director's home with it's own DDI and another on permanent divert to mobile.

This is a typical use: A call comes in to their main business number in London. The call is from an engineer at Network Rail, he wants to order more equipment. This call can be dealt with in London and it gets put through to sales.

However, it quickly becomes technical and requires an engineer so the sales rep transfers it straight to the Midlands depot.

If necessary it can be made a three way call between them so that the sales rep can pick up the order when the technical discussion is over or the engineer can transfer the customer back to sales. The customer has never put the phone down, it was easy and natural and the calls between sites have cost nothing to make.

If the call requires another opinion from a fitter in the train yard or on another site he can transfer the call to the fitters mobile.

The Software Development Company Ref: 68839

The Company develops CAD-based design applications and custom-developed software solutions that can integrate with existing or new business systems. They also provide comprehensive support, training & backup services.

Their 3-D CAD system is used by over 5,000 KBB trades people in the UK alone. Their customers include independent retailers, multiple retailers, specialist manufacturers, independent designers, builders' merchants, suppliers to the trade, local authority housing departments, house builders, architects and interior designers.

The Company's head office is in the UK, with 20 staff covering core product development, technical support, client care and other roles and is also represented internationally in Ireland, North America, South Africa, Spain and Australia.

How They Use Our Service

They have 32 extensions from our Virtual PBX with 27 telephone numbers, mostly local geographic numbers but also 2 new 03 and several free 0870. They have several fax numbers and two IVR departments. As the office is so busy voice and data are split into separate ADSL connections.

They are a sophisticated user of our services using us for their normal inbound calls which are handled by 4 front line staff and for an outbound telesales operation. Their equipment is a combination of snoms, ATAs and our free soft phone.

They also make use of our web call service so that staff can call from any telephone wherever they find themselves; the call being charged to their Voipfone account.

They make full use of our call data for their telesales operation, dropping our csv files into their own customised Excel spreadsheets and management sales effectiveness in near real time.

As they are technical people, they have integrated their old PSTN legacy systems with the new VoIP based equipment giving them a degree of failover and a lot of flexibility.

If you are a software development company, and you are using or service differently to the description above, and you would like to be included on this case studies page, then, please call our customer services team on 0345 868 5555.

The Taxi Company Ref: 98063

This taxi company based in the North West of England provides taxi and executive car services to and from the major airports in the region.

How They Use Voipfone

They use our Virtual PBX in a unique way which allows the taxis to be directed to their next job without the need for a car controller.

They have several numbers including an 0800 customer contact number which ring extensions organised in three groups with three IVR departments.

The ring group and divert to mobiles allow inbound calls from customers to be connected directly to drivers via their mobiles.

This entire arrangement costs less than £50 per month to achieve - including call costs.

The Solicitors Ref: 90400

Situated in Manchester and founded in 2003, the firm is one of the fastest growing law firms in the North West. They provide services in a variety of areas in both civil and criminal law and are accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, the Criminal Defence Service and the Serious Fraud Panel.

The Solicitors are a full service law firm providing friendly and business-minded advice to a diverse range of clientele. They provide tailored solutions to a wide range of legal problems, from buying a house, making a claim for compensation or seeking representation in the courts.

Their staff can offer assistance in a number of languages including French, German, Spanish, Punjabi, Urdu, Mirpuri and Pushtoon.

How They Use Voipfone

The Solicitors have 2 main switchboard numbers and 22 direct dial numbers (DDI) plus several fax numbers.

The main switchboard numbers are answered by receptionists using snom 360s telephones, and directed to their 26 extensions organised into 2 Calling Groups. Clients are able to dial any of the 22 solicitors directly if they know their DDI number which lowers the load on the two busy receptionists.

They run a sophisticated internal network with 2 fast ADSL connections separating Voice from Data and providing failover.

The Regional Radio Company Ref:123191

The Radio Company is a PLC operating local radio licences across the UK reaching almost 800,000 listeners every week.

They also create radio advertising and marketing campaigns for major blue chip UK brand names in retail, communications and media - amongst many others.

How They Use Voipfone

The company has offices in Newcastle, Manchester and London and uses our Virtual PBX with 126 extensions, 55 DDIs and 60 fax numbers shared between the three locations.

They use a wide variety of equipment to take the inbound calls including Linksys 922s and adapters and simple diverts to mobile.

This is a very large application which, prior to Voipfone, would require 3 physical PBX systems at each location, multiple ISDN circuits in each location with private circuits connecting each.

This would require an initial capital investment of many tens of thousands of pounds with ongoing line rentals and call charges of thousands too. With Voipfone, this is all achieved at a tiny fraction of the cost and the system can be extended easily as the company grows.

The Virtual Assistant Company Ref: 93278

Voipfone has a number of Virtual Assistants and Virtual Receptionists using its service. Virtual Assistants offer personal telephone answering and secretarial services for individuals and companies. Our technology allows VAs to offer these services staffed by home workers - often young mothers - instead of requiring them to commute to offices and find expensive child care.

Individual telephone numbers are allocated to each customer and routed to receptionists around the country flexibly to match receptionist's working hours. The PBX allows each receptionist to identify the incoming call and answer it by name regardless of how many clients they have on the books and the physical location of each the receptionists.

The VAs can take messages or connect the call. They can also set the number to voicemail if required for out of hours working. Voicemails are sent as an email attachment according to the opening hours set by their client.

The supervisor can route calls to her VAs from her control panel according to their shifts and rotas and view all calls made and received in real time or analyse them off line in spreadsheets.

If you are a VA, and you are using or service differently to the description above, and you would like to be included on this case studies page, then, please call our customer services team on 0345 868 5555.

The On-Line Home Moving Company Ref: 73632

The company gives instant quotes for house removals, conveyancing solicitors, chartered surveyors, Home Information Packs (HIPs) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

Customers complete one simple form to find prices for all the moving home services from companies operating in their area.

Their partners also provide quotes for international moves and commercial relocations. The Company was launched in November 1999, and has become the UK's leading provider of instant quotes for home-moving services. They have generated leads for over £60 million of work for clients in 2006 and are an independent and privately financed company.

How They Use Voipfone

They have 4 geographic, 5 non geographic telephone numbers and one fax to email number, 9 extensions and 4 IVR departments.

They have a physical office but also have home working set up so that calls can be redirected to either place.

Because they are heavy users of both telephones and internet they have two ADSLs separating Voice from Data.

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