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Because we are innovators in VoIP and are one of the founders of the VoIP industry in the UK, Voipfone has been featured in many media over the years - newspaper and magazine articles and on TV and radio. You'll find a selection below.

We've also been in the medals for the best VoIP Provider in the UK from various industry groups including: FCS - the UK trade association for the communications services industry, ITSPA - the industry trade body for VoIP in the UK and ISPA - the trade body for the internet in the UK.

Voipfone Wins Prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise

Queen's Award for Enterprise 2013

Voipfone holds the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2013, the highest Business accolade in the UK. We received this award for sustained innovation.

The Queen's Awards for Enterprise celebrate and recognise not only the activities of companies who have made an outstanding contribution to the British economy but also the role of individuals who have played an outstanding and significant role in promoting enterprise skills and attitudes in others in the UK.

The award, in the Innovation category, is the latest in a long line of recognition for the ground- breaking company that was created by its joint owners, Lee Rose from Ashford, Kent and Colin Duffy from Brighton, Sussex.

Voipfone's services enable small businesses to have less impact on their environment, lowering their carbon footprint, makes them more profitable and enabling their employees to have a better quality of life.

These are large claims, but they are also real; Voipfone uses its own technology to create a profitable company with no physical offices - all their employees are home based and they sell their services on to many thousands of other small businesses.

Many of these businesses are now using Voipfone in equally environmentally sustainable and innovative ways and creating profitable businesses for themselves.

Voipfone Wins 2021 Best VoIP Award

ISPA Best VoIP Award 2021

For the third year in a row, Voipfone has been recognised for its great customer service, and free services for charities and the third sector

ISPA Chair Andrew Glover commented: "The quality of this year's winners shows how strong the sector is at the moment, and I'd like to congratulate everyone who took home awards or were highly commended. The judges had a tough job in determining the winners and that's as best a signal of the strength of the UK ISP sector as any."

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Voipfone Wins 2020 Best VoIP Award

ISPA Best VoIP Award 2020

With 2020 seeing a shift to online, the ISPA Awards was no different as the event moved from its usual physical setting to an online video platform for the very first time.

This is the second year in a row Voipfone has been recognised for its exceptional customer service and flexibility. Judges also commended Voipfone for offering their services for free to a great range of charities

ISPA Chair Andrew Glover commented: "The value of the UK ISP sector was for all to see at the 22nd ISPA Awards because the entire event took place virtually. Without ISPs, there could be no ceremony this year!

Voipfone Wins 2019 Best VoIP Award

ISPA Best VoIP Award 2019

At an award ceremony in London, Voipfone won the Internet Service Providers' Association Best VoIP Award for 2019.

Back in the Capital after being held for the first time in Manchester last year, the 21st Annual UK Internet Industry Awards, the ISPAs, once again brought together a huge range of companies which make up the UK ISP industry.

ISPA Chair Andrew Glover commented: "I think a huge congratulations are in order for all of the winners of the 21 st Annual ISPA Awards".

Voipfone took the prize for our "drive for innovation through R&D", and our "flexible, pick and mix contracts".

Voipfone Wins 2019 Best Business VoIP Provider Award

ITSPA Best Business VoIP Provider Award 2019

At the 11th annual ITSPA Awards, held at Glaziers Hall in central London, Voipfone won the award for Best Business ITSP (£2M - £10M) category.

The Awards are designed to celebrate innovation, best practice and recognise achievement within the next generation communications industry.

Eli Katz, the Chair of ITSPA, said "Congratulations to all the winners and the companies that were highly commended at the 2019 ITSPA Awards. The Awards continue to go from strength-to-strength and this year, in their 11th year, it is no different. The finalists represent the very best of our industry and the quality of the entries was particularly high".

Voipfone Wins 2018 Best Business VoIP Provider Award

ITSPA Best Business VoIP Provider Award 2018

At a ceremony in London, Voipfone won an award in the ITSPA Best Business ITSP (£2M - £10M) category.

A company winning an award in this category must provide the best all round voice service of any ITSP with a turnover of between £2 million and £10 million.

Voipfone had to demonstrate impressive business performance, innovation and customer service as well as detailing an exemplary case study. We also had to provide a good selection of business features, such as multiple telephone numbers, call queuing and support for remote workers.

Voipfone Wins 2018 ITSPA Best SOHO VoIP Provider Award

ITSPA Best SOHO VoIP Provider Award 2018

Voipfone also won in a second category - the ITSPA Best Consumer / SOHO ITSP

This award recognises that Voipfone has done the most to produce a well-rounded product for the consumer or startup / small business customer.

As the winning entrant, we had to combine value for money and features, as well as good customer service and guidance for the user.

Voipfone Wins 2017 Best Business VoIP Provider Award

ITSPA Best Business VoIP Provider Award 2017

Voipfone has won another award in the ITSPA Best Business VoIP (Small Enterprise) category.

The Awards, which celebrate innovation and best practice across the next generations industry, were held at the Tower of London.

The awards were presented across nine categories, reflecting the range and scope of the VoIP and Unified Communications industry.

Voipfone Wins 2015 Best VoIP Provider Award

ISPA Best VoIP Provider Award 2015

At an award ceremony in London, Voipfone won the Internet Service Providers' Association Best Internet Telephony Award for 2015.   (The Internet Services Providers' Association is the UK's Trade Association for providers of Internet services).

Over 40 companies had been shortlisted for the 2015 ISPA Awards, with winners for all 15 categories unveiled at the prestigious awards ceremony at the gala dinner in the City of London. Over 300 hundred people attended representing the 40 Internet and Communications Providers that had entered.

The Judges "appreciated Voipfone's investments in R&D, forward thinking business practices and commitment to small business".

Colin Duffy, Voipfone's CEO, said "This is the second time Voipfone has won this important award and it's great to be recognised as best in class for the work we do".

Best VoIP Innovation - ITSPA Awards 2014

ITSPA Best VoIP Innovation Award 2014

Voipfone's GeoDivert® Smartphone App for iPhone and Android has won ITSPA's Best VoIP Innovation Award, 2014.

This award goes to the company that has provided the most dynamic and user-friendly service or product, which has proved useful to the VoIP marketplace. This innovation has helped push the technology into the mainstream and help make VoIP more accessible to the customer.

Colin Duffy, Voipfone's CEO, said: "I'm really proud of our clever software engineers for imagining and building this product, there's nothing like it in anywhere in Europe, it's an incredibly useful application and it's free!"

FCS Awards Communications Provider of the Year 2013

FCS Communications Provider of the Year Award 2013

Voipfone wins the Federation of Communication Services, Communication Provider of the Year Award, 2013.

The awards were presented at the Institute of Engineering and Technology, an iconic building, next to the Savoy Hotel on London's Thames's Embankment.

Receiving the award, Colin Duffy, Voipfone's CEO said:

"The FCS has over 300 members with many well know brands amongst them, so beating the best of the best in the industry is something to be very proud of.

We've won several awards this year, including the Queen's Award for Enterprise; this latest from the FCS is adding to a great year for Voipfone!"

Voipfone Named Finalist at the 2013 ISPA Awards

ISPA Best Internet Telephony Award Finalist 2013

Voipfone was announced today as a finalist for the 2013 Internet Service Provider's Association Best Internet Telephony Award. The awards will be held in the park Lane Sheraton Hotel on the 11th July.

The Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA UK) is the UK's Trade Association for providers of Internet services.

ISPA brings together the UK internet industry to provide essential support through innovation, knowledge and experience in order to benefit the UK economy and society.

Promoting collaboration and constructive dialogue between its members and the wider internet community, ISPA is an all-important driving force for the industry and relevant stakeholders.

Over 40 companies have been shortlisted for the 15th ISPA Awards, with winners for all 15 categories unveiled at the prestigious awards ceremony on 11th July at the Park Lane Sheraton Hotel in London.

Entrants in the broadband and hosting categories underwent two months of rigorous testing by ISPA's technical testing partners, thinkbroadband, while Malden Electronics carried out thetesting for the Internet Telephony category. Using these results, and the written entry forms, an independent panel of industry veterans decided the winners.

Best Business VoIP Provider - ITSPA Awards 2013

ITSPA Best Business VoIP Provider Award 2013

For the fourth year running, Voipfone, has won the 2013 ITSPA (Internet Telephone Service Provider's Association) Best Business VoIP (Small Enterprise) Award.

ITSPA is the voice of the VoIP industry in the UK and announced the winners of its 5th annual awards in Parliament on 6th March 2013.

The reception took place in the House of Commons Members Dining Room and was hosted by Dr Julian Huppert MP, Vice Chair of the Parliamentary Internet Communications and Technology Forum.

This follows the previous week's news that Voipfone had won the 'Institute of Customer Services Customer Focus Award' award at the 2013 UK Customer Satisfaction Awards.

Colin Duffy, Voipfone's CEO said, "We've had a great year so far and we're getting a lot of things right, but we're not at all complacent - we have competitors biting at our ankles, so we'll be investing in lots of new products and services this year. Watch this space!"

Voipfone Wins the 2013 UK Customer Satisfaction Awards

UK Customer Satisfaction Awards 2013

Voipfone announced as winner of the Barclays Customer Focus Award - SME as UK businesses celebrate success at the UK Customer Satisfaction Awards 2013.

Voipfone was announced as one of 13 winners at the 2013 UK Customer Satisfaction Awards which took place on 26th February 2013 at the Lancaster London Hotel.

More than 500 business leaders attended the third annual UK Customer Satisfaction Awards organised by the Institute of Customer Service.

Voipfone Wins Best Internet Telephone Service ISPA Awards 2012

ISPA Best Internet Telephony Award 2012

3rd July 2012 - The Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA UK) has today announced the winners of its 14th annual awards.

The black tie ceremony was compered by comedian John Moloney and the evening kicked off with opening addresses from Dr Peter Cochrane, an entrepreneur and futurist, and Tom Scott, a tech TV presenter.

In pronouncing Voipfone the best UK Internet Telephony service, the judges said:

"The Judges felt that Voipfone's easy set-up and growth through recommendation alone without a sales team made them worthy winners."

The ISPAs - the UK Internet industry awards - are unique as they are awarded to people and organisations in the industry following rigorous testing and an independent judging process and reflect the broad nature of the internet service provider sector.

The Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA UK) has been organising the UK Internet Industry Awards since 1999 to herald the best of the Internet industry and to celebrate innovation and best practice. In 2002 the BBC dubbed the awards "The ISPAs".

Best Business VoIP Provider - ITSPA Awards 2012

ITSPA Best Business VoIP Provider Award 2012

Voipfone, for the third year running, landed the UK's most prestigious industry award from ITSPA (Internet Telephone Service Provider's Association).

Voipfone won 'Best Business ITSP (Micro) at the ITSPA VoIP 4th Annual Awards, which were announced in parliament on March 21, 2012.

The reception took place in the House of Commons Members Dining Room and was hosted by Dr Julian Huppert MP, Vice Chair of the Parliamentary Internet Communications and Technology Forum.

Colin Duffy, CEO of iNet Telecoms, the parent company of Voipfone, says: "To win this award three years in a row is a fantastic achievement for us and a great vote of confidence in us by the industry.

It's all down to our engineers and support staff who do a great job designing, building and keeping the service running for our customers. We're already working on winning this award again next year!"

Best Business VoIP Provider - ITSPA Awards 2011

ITSPA Best Business VoIP Provider Award 2011

The award ceremony was held in the BT Tower on Monday 7 March, 2011, and was introduced by Julian Huppert MP, chair of the Liberal Democrat IT and IP Working Group, and Steve Unger from Ofcom.

The ceremony coincided with the 'Unified Communications EXPO 2011', a major telecoms event at London Olympia taking place on 8-9 March, sponsored by ISPA.

ITSPA chairman, Eli Katz, said: "The award for 'Best Business ITSP - SMEs' is designed to recognise the company that provides the best all-round voice service for the small and medium business user. The winner must offer a good selection of business features, including multiple telephone numbers, call queuing and support for remote workers."

Colin Duffy, CEO of iNet Telecoms (Voipfone's parent company), says: "We provide services to the millions of small and medium sized UK business that will be the driving force behind the UK's economic recovery. In these austere times, when spending cutbacks are commonplace and all kinds of services are suffering, we're giving our customers the tools to survive and grow.

The award from ITSPA backs up our ethos of putting customers first"

The third annual ITSPA Awards were open to all those in the VoIP industry, including those who were not members of ITSPA. All entrants were subjected to rigorous independent testing and review.

Voipfone Wins 2009 Best Business VoIP Provider Award

ITSPA Best Business VoIP Provider Award 2009

The second annual ITSPA Awards were announced in the Strangers' Dining Room at the House of Commons a few days ago, when Andrew Miller MP hosted more than 100 VoIP industry representatives, parliamentarians and civil servants for the awards ceremony.

Accepting the award for iNet Telecoms (Voipfone's parent company) CEO Colin Duffy highlighted the achievement of their relatively small brand in winning the Best Provider award in an industry dominated by some of the largest companies in the world.

"We've worked extremely hard to provide world class services that match what small businesses are crying out for, and at a price they can afford," said Duffy. "It's a tribute to the Voipfone team that our efforts have been recognised by both the industry and our customers."

The award hurdles were high. As well as independent reviews of all entries, technical testing - conducted by Epitiro - was introduced, for the first time, for the Best Consumer VoIP and Best Business ITSP (SME) awards.

ITSPA Chairman Eli Katz said: "Despite the tough economic conditions, residential and business customers are increasingly becoming more aware of the opportunities that IP based communications services can offer, including cost, flexibility and new multi-media services".

Best Consumer VoIP - Finalist

ITSPA Best Consumer VoIP Award Finalist 2009

With VoIP household usage in the UK continuing to rise, the competition within the market is hotting up.

Indeed, the Ofcom Communications Market Report for 2010 again confirmed this by indicating that VoIP usage was increasing with 17% of the adult population using the technology (12% in 2009).

This award recognises the company that has done the most to produce a well-rounded product for the consumer, combining value for money and features, as well as good customer service and guidance for the user.

The Award is open to all businesses delivering a VoIP product, which offers a full telephony service (including connectivity to and from the PSTN, using standard UK DID numbers with access to the emergency services).

Judging panel companies are not permitted to enter the application process.

Computer Shopper Review

Computer Shopper Logo

Voipfone has a pay-as-you-go service, but its site is geared for business users and it seems a little intimidating at first.

There are a host of services on offer, and the pay-as-you-go service isn't easy to find among these. You have to click on the Signup menu button, at which point you're offered a free trial. Once you've signed up, you can then buy credit.

Your free incoming number is limited to an 056 prefix. This is a new code introduced for VoIP services; depending on the caller's phone service, it costs anything between 1p and 5p per minute, and much more from mobiles. UK geographic and other numbers cost an extra £1.99 per month.

Account management is also geared towards business users. The control panel is full of icons and menus for features you'll probably never use, unless you plan on setting up a business phone network. For the individual, it's overkill. There's only an older version of the X-Lite softphone available for download, but there are numerous setup guides on the site to help you configure most VoIP hardware, plus a forum for help setting up softphones.

Shortlisted Entrant 2009 National eWell-Being Awards

eWell-Being Logo

The National eWell-Being Awards, conceived by the charity UK CEED and sponsored by BT and Unison, are now in their 7th year.

The prestigious awards ceremony, held at the Royal Society of Arts in London, showcased the innovative application of Information Communication Technology by 33 finalists across the Award's 9 categories.

The awards highlighted digital inclusion projects, such as the highly commended project 'Essex UnITe', which provides ICT training to older people in sheltered housing; and the winning entry, the Royal National College for the Blind's 'Robobraille' project which offers a free of charge, email-based service where electronic documents can be translated into either synthetic speech or Braille.

Voipfone Runner up FCS VoIP Solution of the Year

FCS oIP Solution of the Year Award Finalist 2007

London 18 September 2007: Voipfone is the first runner-up of the FCS VoIP solution of the Year. Awarded by Lord David Currie, chairman of Ofcom, at the recent FCS AGM.

Colin Duffy, CEO of iNet Telecoms Ltd (Voipfone) said "I'm really pleased that we have won this award".

"VoIP is the most important development in the telecommunication industry for a generation and has created exciting opportunities for new companies like ours. "As a young, independent, UK, company it's great for Voipfone to be part of this revolution and we value the endorsement of the UK's major Telecommunications trade body in our efforts so far."

ITSPA Quality Mark

ITSPA Quality Mark

The ITSPA Quality mark is your guarantee that the Voipfone service:

  1. Complies with all ITSPA approved Best Common Practice Documents.
  2. Provides access to the emergency services.
  3. Is a member of a recognised dispute resolution scheme.
  4. Provides a Company Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for communications between ITSPA members on issues such as: porting, spam management, complaints etc - as well as liaising with other relevant organisations such as the Home Office and Ofcom.

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