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We understand that it can feel like a big step trusting us with your telephone service. We know that new customers are rightly concerned about reliability, call quality, help and support and any number of other things - mostly because VoIP is so new.

However, we've been at this for a few years now and have thousands of very happy customers - so we've published a few of the emails and forum posts we get every day from people just like you who have taken the step and never looked back.

Email From Mat Bennett (OKO Digital Ltd)

We have been very happy Voipfone customers for a number of years, but have never thought to say thank you for the great job you do for us.

We moved to Voipfone (from BT) partly to save money, but mostly so that we didn't have to deal with their awful customer service. You guys reliably deliver on both fronts day in and day out.

We certainly save money on our bills, but we also save time and frustration dealing with the frequent issue we had with BT. We almost never get a problem with Voipfone and if there ever is a minor issue we can get straight through to someone who is helpful and knowledgeable and has always solved the issue almost instantly for us!

Like many, I originally found Voipfone through the recommendation of another happy customer of yours. I am now happy to do the same and sing your praises to anyone who will listen.

Thank you. Keep up the awesome work.

Mat Bennett
Managing Director

OKO Digital Ltd

Top Five Customer Tweets

Top Five Customer Tweets

The Raw Talent Co. @therawtalentco
Brilliant customer service from @voipfone yet again. Thanks folks :-)

Jon Cook @wonder_lander
Need flexible VOIP solutions? Get a local phone number for £2.40 per month @Voipfone #ff They've got all your communications covered!

Cuttsy and Cuttsy @cuttsyandcuttsy
Fantastic service @Voipfone ordered yesterday pm received our VOIP system this am and making calls in less than 10 min, thank you.

Xcell Partners @XcellPartners
@voipfone Your customer support is excellent. Thanks again to your team (Matthew) for making life easy (and fantastic value).

Jon Cook @wonder_lander
My first #FF is to @Voipfone for providing me with a low cost virtual geo number. Great support and easy to use website!

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Email From Jonathan Burnside

Flexible, Accessible and Cost-Effective Service.

As a leader in bidding online in live and timed auctions from auction houses across the UK and the world and with over tens of thousands of customers you can understand that voice communications are highly important to us.

As a company we wanted to be untethered from the large costs and inflexibility of traditional telephone systems and were keen to incorporate a VOIP system for our voice communications.

We did plenty of research before selecting Voipfone as our supplier and I have to say the choice has been well justified.

Right from the off we were impressed at the ease-of-use and the high degree of flexibility this system afforded our organisation. We were also impressed at the cost-savings this solution gave us.

Technical issues seem to be non-existent and on the rare occasion we do need to speak to customer service we are always greeted with friendly knowledgeable staff that deal with our queries quickly and effectively.

Jonathan Burnside
Technical Director

Easy Live Auction

Forum Post From Serendipity Business

Now working virtually will demand that communication is clear, so a good telephone line is essential. I use a fellow UK business forum member who was recommended on here in a post I placed looking for a solution.

These are www.voipfone.co.uk. They offer a UK based phone number (multiple ones as well so you can have one for personal and one for business) over voip (you plug the phone into your modem, REALLY easy to set up especially if you buy their phones and it is just like using a normal phone, you can also use it on your mobile and tablet if it is connected to the internet or forward your calls at the touch of a button).

Their service has been outstanding, the phone line is as clear as if I was in the UK and I am in the middle of the desert!! Calls into the UK are cheaper than chips and calls from the UK are no different than if your caller was calling any landline in the UK.

Your extension and phone number rental rates are really cheap as well, it really isn't a considered purchase as it would cost you more to phone the UK anyway.

The biggest cost is buying the actual handset, however I have two walk about phones that are better and were cheaper than my previous BT phones and it came pre programmed with my account data on it. You don't have to use their phones but I would highly recommend doing so.

Again I wish I had used them in the UK too, certainly more effective and cheaper than it was to have my two BT lines.

Email From Chris Kimber

I've been a customer of Voifone now for almost two years and its been a fantastic partnership. The ease of use of their services and incredibly cheap prices have enabled my small business to appear a lot larger than it already is.

I target my business to numerous cities and I've found most customers only like to book people from their native city. Customers can be a little old fashioned like that. Voifone enables me to get a number for any city I require for just £2 a month. I can buy this number myself from an easy to use control panel and have it up and running diverted to my mobile phone in about one minute.

I never need to speak to anybody to this. Its just so cheap, easy to use and the service has never let me down.I have no contracts at all with Voipfone and the few times I've needed to speak to them on the phone they have been wonderfully helpful and spent a lot of time with me. These guys are just brilliant on every level.

Ozzy Wizzpop

Forum Post From Hawkins Scott

Don't want to become a single issue poster on here but we are now four months into the current year using Voipfone & thought I'd post some cost comparisons.

2013 Line rental & call charges (BT)

Actual:- £1,255

2014 Line rental & call charges (Voipfone)

Projected for year based on four months usage:- £118

Yes, over £1,100 saving per annum!

Email From Tom Ashworth

NuBlue have used Voipfone since our inception in 2005 and have found your service to be consistently excellent over the years.

The setup we started with you has scaled up seamlessly as we have grown from a few team members to a company of 25+ employees.

The feature set we get such as internal extensions, switchboard, voicemail to email and hold music are unparalleled for the price of the service, and the provided phone hardware is rock solid.


Email From Scott Collins

DC Iron is a leading mail order supplier of wrought iron components throughout the UK who have been trading for over 15 years.

We have been with voipfone for a while now after being recommended them from the UK Business Forums. Initially we were a bit nervous about moving to a VoIP phone system but we had our many questions answered very promptly so decided to give it a go.

The transfer process for our existing number was seamless and we were up and running straight away. So far we've not had a single problem and it's amazing that we can now have up to 8 simultaneous calls instead of paying expensive prices for lines from BT.

What we like most is the no contract and easy billing so we can move away if we want although I don't think we will be doing that any time soon! We can easily add new extensions, new numbers and the cost is transparent unlike the 'big' telecoms companies.

Review From www.trustpilot.co.uk From SoleyD

I don't normally write reviews or even discuss my experiences with other people, but I am so impressed with Voipfone, I had to say something, however, brief.

Customer service 10/10
Call quality 10/10
Reliability 10/10
Price 10/10


Review www.reviewcentre.com

I signed up for a voipfone account and have two Snom phones. I called in for advice, I was talked through the setup of the phones and also how to add and configure some extensions. I then spent 20-30 mins on the call with John I believe going through all the features and settings in the customer control panel, the system works very, very well and the advice and patience I was given were excellent. I would happily recommend Voipfone.

Review Centre

Review www.reviewcentre.com From Tom Sparrow

When part of our PBX broke, we needed a voice solution we could implement fast and looked to various VoIP suppliers to provide this.

Voipfone's 'pay for what you need' approach was flexible and will save us a little money compared to the other suppliers we considered, but it was their customer service that really sold us on them.

Over the course of a week they patiently answered innumerable questions quickly and efficiently. The team all seemed to know what they were talking about, and I had an answer to all my questions within half an hour by email. If it was important enough to call about, there was no call queue and the problems were all sorted immediately.

Their support team filled me with confidence all through the process, can't praise them enough.

Hardware turned up the next day, all configured and ready to go as promised.

Voice quality is very good, based on the use we have had so far (though it's only been a week and a bit so far).

Review Centre

Forum Post From Gareth Gillman

I personally have (and do) use CJD's company for my phone. When I started up I just redirected to my mobile and never ever ever had any signal / call quality issues with the redirect.

I am now on a voip fone and the same as above, no call quality issues. Sometimes I forget my phone is only on my internet as the call is as good as my proper landline.

Personally for the £2 a month + call costs, it's a no brainer. Having a landline number has paid for itself many times over.

Voipfone's system is extremely easy to use, the call centre staff are excellent and the online panel is brilliant. You top up your account (if doing redirects) by how much you want, and then you can automatically set the account to top up again once you get to a certain amount in your account.

I am a very happy customer of voipfone, I would say they have been the best investment I have made for my business.

Gareth Gillman

Email From Richard Coupe Escentual

Since August 2006 (Escentual) and June 2010 (Central Pharmacy), we have relied on a VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony solution from Voipfone (www.voipfone.co.uk) for both internal communication and integration with public telephone services.

This service is built on an increasingly popular technology in VoIP, providing a level of functionality that would bring significantly higher costs if sourced from a 'traditional' telephony provider such as BT.

Pharmacy Migration

Central Pharmacy was, until May 2010, using a BT-sold ISDN phone system. This allowed for internal calling and the mapping of external numbers to internal extensions. This cost the company an average of £253 each month. Under the new system, the Pharmacy has two extra extensions (in the staff kitchen and a third, cordless handset in the Dispensary), a call queuing system for customers and a handful of other, rudimentary systems; the monthly cost in August 2010 was £87.77: 35% of the previous system's cost.

The initial hardware purchase for the new system was high. Ordinary telephones are not compatible, so 7 Snom 300 VoIP telephones were purchased for a total cost of £699.16. Snom products are widely regarded as especially reliable and of high build quality. Escentual has been using the same model since 2006 and is yet to replace any.

Since the initial implementation, a cordless Snom M3 has been added to the Dispensary (with its own extension) and a call queuing system has been added. These changes required no engineering work and no callouts from Voipfone and, other than the delivery of the phone unit itself, were completed in a matter of hours.

Pros and Cons

Below is a brief precis of the benefits and drawbacks to the implemented system in comparison to the previous BT ISDN option.


Regular costs are significantly lower.

Reconfiguration is much faster and can be performed by user.

No fixed contract.

Greater functionality for lower cost.

Stability; should the company move premises, it would only have to attach the phones to an internet connection to instantly restore all telephony services.


High initial outlay.

Reliance on internet connection; a poor internet connection will result in poor service, and a loss of internet connection will result in no service.

This includes both fixed and variable (i.e. call) costs, and is an average figure taken from the Jan-Apr 2010 billing period. This includes both fixed and variable (i.e. call) costs, and is an exact monthly billing.

Richard Coupe


Review On www.mrseige.co.uk

I currently use Voipfone as my VOIP service provider. I started using the Snom 300 back in 2008 when I signed up with Voipfone. I was looking for a high quality service whilst at the same time, did not want to spend lot's of money on set up charges and high call costs. I came across Voipfone, gave them a try and I have not been anywhere else since! I am not trying to sell you anything and I don't work for Voipfone, this is an honest review.

The Snom 300 is a high quality call centre phone. It is very strong and takes 2 calls at once. You can put people on hold or transfer them through to other phone lines. I have had mine for 2 years. I have spent hundreds of hours using it, and it is still as good as new.

Voipfone are very helpful and their call costs are very reasonable. They even set the phone up for you before they send it to you.

Features include, call queue, music whilst waiting, on hold, call transfers, extensions, free voipfone to voipfone calls. UK landline calls from 1p per min!

I have a flat in Morocco where I often go and work from. I take my phone with me and plug it in the router when I get there. The moment you plug it in, it works perfect. All you need is a reliable internet connection with minimum speed 2MB.

I found that calls made from the land line in the flat where very poor quality. When I made calls from the Snom 300, it was like I was next to them, fantastic call quality.

Other positives when using this abroad, is that you can receive all calls free, and the person calling will only pay the UK standard call charges, or free minutes on their mobiles! When they call you they hear a UK tone (not an international ring), and when you make a call to the UK you still pay the 1p per min for calling a UK landine.

I recommend the Snom 300, and Voipfone services to anyone. I'm sure you will get to love it as much as I do.

Positives - Great phone and good customer service. Cheap calls even when abroad.

Negatives - You must have an internet connection above 2MB

Need 10 numbers for an ad campaign? Rent them for a month at £2 each.

Need to hire 3 more telephone support people? Rent them for £1 each.

Need to downshift? Cancel the services you no longer need.

Need to separate your sales calls from your support calls? Rent a couple of call groups.

Need a call queue to cope with peak calls? Just add one for £2 per month for as long as you need it.

Need a fax service? Just add it for £2 per month.

Need an telephone number in France for your expansion? Just one.

Email From Mark Bennett Dizzy Heights (UK) Ltd


Our small business (two people sharing a single PSTN phone) has recently doubled in size to four people, meaning we needed more phones. Additional inbound PSTN lines are pretty expensive, so VOIP seemed like a good alternative.

VOIP is a pretty complex area, and the Voipfone website tries to cater for all the complexity, making it a bit daunting to the newcomer. However, an email asking for help got a very quick reply which explained exactly what I needed. Within about four hours of sending my initial enquiry email, I had received advice on what to do, done it, and got two inbound geographic phone numbers working using a softphone.

I've since got more into the configuration and setup, with physical handsets for our new starters, voicemail, redirection rules and more. Whenever I've got stuck, requests for help have always been answered quickly and comprehensively.

Voipfone have so far provided an excellent service, both in terms of the actual phone service and the customer service surrounding it.

Mark Bennett
Technical Architect

Dizzy Heights (UK) Ltd

Email From Kay Calibre Designs Ltd


There has been many threads here asking for telecoms advice. Having a voipfone solution, in my view, has beaten all hands down. Naturally this would be the road we would go down once we were ready to upgrade the system installed in our design studio.

The technology is all new to me even though it has been around for many years.

I chose to use Voipfone - a member on this forum. Not only did they explain in detail on how it works over the phone, they analysed our current system and advised the best way to modify our current broadband subscription to enable us to get the best out of the voipfone system.

That was lengthy enough, still no obligation at this point to go with them.

Account set up and the new lines installed with a new broadband setup. Great I thought. SIP phones arrived that were not within their supported range.

Vince and Colin (mainly Vince) provided outstanding technical support and talked us through the setup process. He did not give up until it was working perfectly. Definitely went beyond the call of duty to help.

The system is working perfectly. The lines are great. Very happy with the results.

Anyone who is looking for a Voipfone system then I cannot recommend these guys enough!!!

Bookmark these people: www.voipfone.co.uk

Thanks guys and girls.

Calibre Designs Ltd
Managing Director

Email From Stephen Jenkinson

From: Stephen Jenkinson
Sent: 06 March 2008 13:43
To: Michelle Rose
Subject: RE: Porting request

Hello Michelle

Thank you for your help... this is unbelievably quick service compared to what I'm used to.

Many thanks!

From UK Business Forum - Maxine Welford Credit Control Services Ltd

I am a fan of Voipfone. Have used it for around 18 months now and couldn't have got my businesses off the ground without it in all honesty. I was concerned originally as my broadband is weak that there would be poor call quality through sharing voice and data over one broadband however this has been fine.

I have the CLI set so we can see what number is being called rather than what number is being called from and this enables us to have five numbers directed to our handset and we can answer the phone with the right company greeting. We have also provided a call answering service on behalf of customers as the service is so easy to set up.

Thanks Voipfone, your support and service is excellent.

Maxine Welford
Proprietor - Maxxy Telemarketing
MD - Credit Control Services Ltd
MD - Float Ltd

From UK Business Forum - Helen Shaw HS Language Services


I've used your services for some time and have always been delighted by the service and the level of customer care I've received.

From day one, Colin exceeded expectations by setting us up with a memorable number - thank you!

The fax to email and vice versa service is invaluable to us and the voipfone team have been very helpful in pointing us towards telephone solutions.

Helen Shaw
HS Language Services

From UK Business Forum - Mark Miller Burden Music

I recently began to look for some way to solve the problem that im never in the office and have a landline that doesn't go to an answer machine!

Voipfone had the answer and the service from the staff has been amazing with updates on the system and improvements or changes all the time.

We are opening a new studio premises in the next month or so and I know where ill be getting the phone numbers from!

Mark Miller
Burden Music

Email From Peter Prophoto Ltd

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for the update ..... and great service; I'm impressed! :)

With kind regards
Prophoto Ltd
The Delta Centre

From UK Business Forum - Alison

Just a quick note to say thanks - problem now solved with new router. I wanted to feed back to you that Sean who I spoke to yesterday was very nice and gave good customer service - couldn't do enough to talk me through options and help me choose an appropriate router.

Best wishes

From UK Business Forum - Sam M

I'm with Voipfone (for about 6 years) and have no complaints, they have been consistently good and almost no down time. Good value too.

Sam M

From Voipfone User Forum - PeDaSp

I've researched the market fully (inc attending VoIP conferences and exhibitions) before selecting Voipfone as our preferred supplier for our 100+ serviced offices members.

Anybody can easily set-up as a voip service provider these days - you just stick some graphics on a hosted package and off you go. I know one company who actually run their business from a lock-up garage!

You reach a certain point in life and business where you realise (finally) that the cheapest is not always the best in the long run.

It's clear from my communications with Voipfone; and this forum, that these guys really know what they are doing. They are taking their time to add all the bells and whistles - but they have created a stable and solid platform.

Crucially, they break-out into the PSTN world in London, Docklands. This gives excellent call quality (esp. if you have a dedicated SDSL line for voip like us). Other providers can be cheaper - but they route your call via the public internet until the last possible moment.

Anybody running a professional, successful company requires a reliable phone company. Cutting corners to save a few bob here and there is simply bad management.


From Voipfone User Forum - PeDaSp

I've been using them for a long time; plus I've been using incarnations of VoIP since 1996! I've trialled 9 different voip suppliers over the years; and I currently have 5 different suppliers registered with my personal SNOM phone. Voipfone are the best as they are contactable; respond, and are working hard to put the right systems in place.

We have 100+ SNOM phones in our serviced offices; and we recommend Voipfone as our preferred supplier. Our clients can use any voip supplier they wish (inc Skype); and quite a few don't use Voipfone. I can tell you they often have terrible problems with these suppliers - and they get no meaningful support from them.


Email From Karl Phillipson

From: Karl Phillipson
Sent: 06 May 2008 16:47
To: Michelle Rose
Subject: RE: {Disarmed} number port


It's soooooo nice to have some customer service, prompt and courteous too.

That ******* shower are absolutely diabolical, their customer service is disgraceful, they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Thanks ever so much Michelle, I'm really very, very pleased.

All the best, cheerio,

Email From Mark Kitevibe.com

From: Kitevibe
Sent: 29 February 2008 18:29
To: Michelle Rose
Subject: RE: ported number

Cheers Michelle. Fantastic service. I've tried it and it works! Hurrah!


Email From Adrian Chandler

From: Adrian Chandler (Audaciousmedia)
Sent: 04 February 2008 16:52
To: Michelle Rose
Subject: RE: porting


Fantastic - Excellent service.


Post From plebble.com

When Skype told me they had to take back my number I was gutted. I have given that number to all my contacts and it is on my business cards and stationary.

Then someone told me about Voipfone who were able to license my number and port it from Skype. I thought it might be a hassle but in fact it was a breeze, made easier by their helpful staff.

The design isn't as good as Skype's but the software works well and it works with my existing Skype phone. Great service.

Email From Chester Duncalf-Massey

From: Chester Duncalf-Massey
Sent: 29 November 2007 14:34
To: Michelle Rose
Subject: RE: porting

Thanks Michelle,

I don't want a refund or any credit adding to account. I am just happy that I am now dealing with a professional company. Please send my tenner to your xmas company piss up fund!

I must congratulate you guys an excellence of service. It is fair to say that this level of competence is rare to find in business today.

Have a couple of beers on me!

Chester (now off skiing for 6 weeks)

Email From Henry Hopking

From: Henry Hopking
Sent: 23 November 2007 18:11
To: Michelle Rose
Subject: RE: Voipfone

Thanks Michelle,

I'm currently singing your praises all over the Facebook and Skype Forums. We are all astounded by your superb customer service. Thank you. Thank you. Can you forward a contact email for one of your companies senior management? I would like to let them know how thrilled I am and how helpful you and others have been. I look forward to exploring the features of the software this weekend.

Thank you for putting a smile on my face late on a Friday afternoon. Have a great weekend.


From digital-lifestyles

VoIPFone: Miles Better Than Skype

After careful consideration, we decided to go with VoIPFone.

VoIPFone decided to wave their usual £10 charge for transferring numbers to their service.

We're so pleased that we did. Being with VoIPFone is a total contrast to the service that we had from Skype. The calls are crystal clear and are a joy to talk on.

As with Skype, there's a software client also available, so you can still receive calls while you're travelling and don't want to carry their hardware adaptor.

The handsets that we've been using (Snom 300) also bring a strong feeling of quality.

The Virtual PBX feature is fantastic. For just £1 per extension per month, each member of your company can have their own line, with calls easily transferred between them, even if they're located in a different location.

Voice mails can be picked up from your handset and also arrive via email, ensuring that you don't miss them.

The number of facilities that are available on VoIPFone are extensive, so we suggest you look over their site to get the full low down.

So Glad That We Moved To VoIPFone

To date our experience has been nothing but joyful.

Not only do we end up with a better service, but the call charges for calling normal PSTN phone numbers are on the whole, actually cheaper than Skype.

As Skype users know, support isn't something that Skype offers except through online forums - which is fine for some, but frustrating for many. In stark contrast VoIPFone's support is at the end of the telephone (as well as online) and we've found it helpful, knowledgeable and efficient.

Even if you weren't affected by Skype taking your phone number away, we'd go as far as suggesting that you might find VoIPFone a better service anyway.

From UK Business Forum - cjcouriers.co.uk

I am a Voipfone client for two weeks now and I already did manage to save a lot of money comparing to BT (extra phone lines / numbers / calls / other services) and I'm really pleased how it works. There are so many extras and options that it can really make a difference for small businesses, you can easily make an impression of much bigger company.

From Voipfone User Forum


Just like to say thanks for a fast efficient service when porting my number. I have been with you for a week now and every thing's good ........

Thanks again

Email From Nick MacWhirter

From: Nick MacWhirter
To: Michelle Rose
Subject: Re: Re: New message 32 in mailbox 3013XXXX

Thanks very much. Your solution worked first time.

I am really very impressed - that's the quickest and best support I have ever had on a product. Very well done!

Kind regards
Nick MacWhirter

Email From Caroline Melville

Dear Voipfone,

Working as a team of virtual assistants and virtual receptionists, Voipfone has become an essential tool in our business, www.virtuallysorted.com. It lets us route calls to our network of UK VAs who work in home/small office environments, answering calls and completing admin work for a wide variety of SMEs. Our virtual receptionists use SNOM 300 handsets to identify who each call is for and then either take a message or transfer the caller through to speak to the client direct.

This allows our clients freedom in their business, whilst knowing they aren't missing important calls, and no one need ever knows they aren't sitting in the same office as the receptionist!

The admin team also use the Voipfone account as the low cost of calls makes follow up marketing an affordable way to get more business. They also use the various recording/conferencing facilities to catch up with their clients and share information.

We happily recommend Voipfone as a business tool, having found it to be a flexible, economic and reliable way of working.

Caroline Melville

Virtually Sorted

Post From Facebook Thread

Henry Hopking (London) wrote at 10:02 on 23 November 2007

Voipfone are the mutts nuts.

Within a matter of hours of giving them permission to port my number, they have completed the job! My "old" SkypeIn number is now happily working through Voipfone.


Email From Tom OToole

Dear Sir,

May I congratulate your support engineer Vincent and your support department in general for the services they provide. I am only a small user of your services but, due to the professionalism of your team, I have been able to recommend your products to many of my acquaintances' who have become dissatisfied with your competitors.

I have been in engineering support service for some 50 years as a Director and General Manager, including nationwide PC services.

I consider you have "got it right!" keep up the good work, and your team and you will win out in these difficult times.

Kindest regards
Tom OToole C. Eng; MIEE. MIM

From The Internet

Dear Sir,

Davids versus Goliaths

This is a personal aside.

My value-added services requirements were simple. I wanted a high-quality VoIP service - an alternative to Skype and a way of recording interviews. I found them on the site of Voipfone, a small SP (10 staff) based in the UK. Now I have a snom phone on my desk and if I don't answer it after a few rings the call is transferred to my mobile. That is FMC.

I can't get these services from my Goliath Dutch wireline and wireless operators.

If I was running a small business I could get a virtual PBX service having an almost unlimited number of telephone extensions and call queuing functionality. That is Centrex.

Moreover these phones would also do FMC. And I could even add a virtual switchboard IVR.

There are other services; check them out at www.voipfone.co.uk.

The point I'm spelling out here is the fact that the Davids of the VoIP/Internet space are streets ahead of the Goliaths. Why? The operators have massive resources, technical and financial. What they lack is an understanding of the marketplace.

Tough words. Yes, but think for a moment about those retail outlets in high streets and shopping malls. What do they sell? Devices and usage plans. The opportunities for upselling would be huge if the services were there.)

Bob Emmerson is TMC's European Editor. To stay abreast of the latest news affecting the European market, check out Bob's columnist page.

From UK Business Forum Web

I just want to say a big thank you to Voipfone.co.uk

I now have a fully working VOIP phone line. I didn't buy the phone from them I purchased a Linksys SPA941 from another online retailer.

All I had to do was signup to voipfone.co.uk and run the Configuration Wizard for my phone and I was up and running in less than 5 mins. I am amazed at all the free features they offer and how clear the call quality is.

Top quality service guys, keep up the good work!

From Voipfone User Forum Web

We followed this advice, bought some snom desk phones as well as a meeting point. when they arrived, we simply plugged them in and they worked first time.

given that I had less than a week's notice to get a phone service up and running in our office, it was a real life saver!

Email From Ian M. Forrest


When I first called Voipfone you answered the phone and were instantly interested, friendly and helpful. You knew your product and your enthusiasm for it shone through.

Not once in our dealings with Voipfone has anyone sought to distance themselves from us the customer, or from your product.

You did in seven working days what BT failed to do in six months. (counting from when I first contacted them to inquire about a VoIP system to today when it is still in its box and will be so until it is returned.

By contrast from first talking to you to having a working VoIP phone was seven or eight working days - and that is to a handset - if you take it to the Softphone it is more like three days.

Need I say more?

BT versus Voipfone? Chalk and cheese.

Best Regards
Ian M. Forrest


Email From Peter Warren

Just a brief note to say how impressed I was with your support staff.

Professional, helpful and happy to help a joy to speak with.

Not being xenophobic, it was also nice to speak to people who live in the UK - it does make things just a little easier to speak to people who share a common culture. For me that's important. I don't mind what ethnicity someone has whatsoever but it does help communication so much more if they are in Bradford rather than Bangalore.

Best wishes
Peter Warren
Future Intelligence (Fi)

Future Intelligence

From An Email

Dear Lyndz,

Thank you for all you help I am up and runing again. The service from voipfone has been the BEST. I have had many providers including Skype who were of no help at all, I could right a book on the problems I have had. Your service was easy to install, very clear line, easy payment and a super softphone.

Thank you and your boss for the best VOIP service

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Log in to your online control panel to configure your services. With Voipfone's online control panel you can manage your account in real time, from your PC anywhere in the world.


You can try our service for FREE - without risk or commitment. Firstly, we'll give you a free incoming 056 telephone number so that people can call you from ordinary telephones.