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Broadband Services

Voipfone business broadband services are capable of downloading up to 55 Mbs and uploads of 10 Mbs and are engineered to work perfectly with our voice service. Because our broadband connects you directly into our telephone network we're totally in control of its performance - you are not using the public internet to make your telephone calls and there's only us to talk to if you have a problem with your calls. Like all our services, our broadband is 'no contract' - you may leave us at anytime - we don't have silly short-term offers that lock you into long-term high price contracts.

With Voipfone, we don't present you with lots of confusing packages that promise line speeds that you are never going to be able to achieve. Our system will find the best packages available to you as well as give you estimated speeds so you can be sure of what you're buying and what you can expect to get for your money. To find out what typical speed and packages are available in your area and your telephone exchange enter your BT telephone number or postcode in the box shown below. Don't worry, we won't use your number for any other purpose and we don't keep it or pass it to third parties.

Please note: There is a £30 cancellation fee which is the fee OpenReach charge to us.

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Broadband Network

Broadband Network

Voipfone is a development company as well as a retailer. We spend 13% of our gross income on R&D every year and hold the Queen's Award for Enterprise for our investment and success in innovation. We build high quality networks and services that are reliable, resilient and value for money.

The goal in designing the Voipfone broadband network was to offer a very reliable service that complements our business-oriented VoIP products. To achieve this, we were the trial Communications Provider for BT's new WBMC Telehouse 1Gbps Handover product in 2016.

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Voice Priority

People use broadband services for all sorts of reasons - web browsing, email, playing music, watching videos and TV and playing games. But when you make a phone call you don't want any of your other activities interfering with it. Uniquely, Voipfone's network prioritises your calls over all other traffic and ensures that whatever you're doing, your call will sound exactly as it should do - for both you and your caller. This is important for smaller businesses as it means that only one broadband connection is needed for multiple internet and telephone users.

FREE Pre-Configured Broadband Router

Our FREE next-generation, broadband router is specially pre-configured to work with our telephone network straight out of the box, all you have to pay for is the postage and packaging. Additionally, many, even most, routers have difficulty supporting multiple simultaneous telephone connections because they have insufficient processing power or poor VoIP handling firmware. Our router remains fully stable even with dozens of phones connected so you can be sure of a reliable service.

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New technology can seem confusing at first, but don't worry, we are here to help!

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Got a Question?

You can speak to one of our Customer Service representatives by calling our dedicated Customer service line on 020 7043 5555 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Configure Services

Log in to your online control panel to configure your services. With Voipfone's online control panel you can manage your account in real time, from your PC anywhere in the world.


You can try our service for FREE - without risk or commitment. Firstly, we'll give you a free incoming 056 telephone number so that people can call you from ordinary telephones.