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Replacing ISDN Services

Replacing ISDN Services

BT is switching off ISDN in 2025.


If you use an ISDN services for your telephony - and it's the usual way of connecting an office switchboard or PBX to your telephone company - you will need to replace it well before then. Support for ISDN is already in fast decline as engineers move to the new technologies and manufacturers turn to the new voice service products.


Incidentally, it's not just ISDN that is being retired it's all of BT's traditional switched network – its Public switched Telephone Network, the PSTN. This is the everyday service that everyone uses in their homes and small businesses. So pretty soon everyone is going to have to switch-over too. And, of course, Voipfone can help.


If you need a new PBX, are replacing an old one, or coming to the end of your telephone contract you should not continue to use ISDN.


The replacement for an ISDN circuit is a SIP trunk (Session Initiation Protocol). SIP is the specific technology that connects your telephone or switchboard to a Service Provider – such as Voipfone – so that your calls can be routed to their destination. A technology called VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol is used to carry you calls.


Why Voipfone?






Because Voipfone uses your existing broadband connection to send and receive calls it saves the cost of multiple line rentals traditionally necessary for multiple simultaneous calls. And the calls themselves are almost always cheaper too.

GeoDivert App


GeoDivert App


This free app knows when you leave your office or home and knows when you return. Because it knows that it can automatically send your calls to your mobile when you leave and then back to your desk phone when you return.





All of Voipfone's services are 'pick 'n mix', no contract. Just pay for what you use as you use them. It's suitable for a start-up and can expand to a fully featured PBX.

First Class Support


First Class Support


Voipfone is the only telephone company to win the Institute of Customer Services, Customer Focus Award. Our support team are UK nationals - when you're stuck, we're here to help.


How Can Voipfone Help Replace ISDN Services?


Telephony is migrating to the internet and already many millions of businesses are using it. It is now a mature and reliable technology. And, rather amazingly, it is far, far cheaper than the technology it replaces, because it uses a service that you probably already have to deliver your calls – your broadband connection. Savings of over 70% are not unusual because whereas a single telephone circuit could only carry a single call your broadband connection can carry very many.


Not only is VoIP far cheaper than the technology it replaces, it can also do far more. One of its major benefits is that it is location independent. You can quite literally take a telephone from your office and plug it into any broadband connection anywhere in the world and it will operate just as it did in Bristol. Just like your email does.This effect makes home-working, hot-desking, and connecting multiple branches together quick, cheap and simple.


In short, there are a host of new features and services that VoIP has made possible that were impossible with traditional telephony. If you're considering a new line or a new PBX you should now only be considering a move to VoIP.


If you'd like to find out how Voipfone can help your business, please browse our website or call us on 020 7043 5555.


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