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Our free app for iPhone and Android allows you to easily set diverts to your mobile or top-up your account while on the go.

In addition, our innovative GeoDivert® feature automatically diverts calls from your Voipfone telephone number to your iPhone or Android when you move away from your normal location.

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Voipfone Service Numbers

Voipfone Service Numbers

Here you will find a list of important service numbers for example, access to our voicemail and conference service, emergency services and balance update.



0843 176 0760 or 0844 774 6606


Conference Service

0843 176 0000


166 Anti Telesales Service

0843 176 0166


Mobile Call Through - Requires Registration to Voipfone account.

020 7099 0707 or 028 2178 8118


Mobile Call Through - No Registration Required!


0500/ 0800 / 0808

0292 000 0800


Mobile Call Back - For Registered Users

020 7099 0808

In-call Feature Codes


## Used to transfer a call if your telephone doesn't have a transfer button
#0 Starts and stops Call recording (Charged at 2.5p pm)
#1 Places call on hold. # will remove from hold.
**ext - Picks up the ringing extension from another phone. e.g. **201 would pick up 201 if it was ringing.


Short code Service Numbers


112 Emergency Services

999 Emergency Services

123 Gives date and time

141 Withhold your number

150 Customer Services

152 Voipfone Echo test; shows how good your connection to Voipfone is.

154 Reads back your account minutes and balance.

155 Confirms that you have set up your phone correctly.

156 Conference Service

166 Our famous Anti-Sales call tool & try it! (0843 1760 166 from outside Voipfone)

1470 un-withhold your number

1471 Plays back the last number that called you and allows you to ban the number if you have our call barring service.

1571 Voicemail for the telephone or extension you are using.

1572 Voicemail for the master account when using the Virtual PBX

118707 Connects to BT's Directory Enquiry services

**1571ext - Direct Voicemail - Connect to the Voicemail of an Extension without having to call the extension and wait for it to ring out. Useful if you answer a call, and would like to transfer the caller directly to another users voicemail service, so you don't have to take a message and pass it on.


e.g. **1571205 would connect to Extension 205 Voicemail Directly to leave a message.


Got a question?Based in the UK our phone services range from telephone calls, telephone lines, extensions and numbers, through voice prioritised Broadband Access to call forwarding services and sophisticated hosted voip, Virtual PBX (Centrex) and Call Centre products

Speak to a Customer Services Representative

Voipfone can seem very confusing at first, but don’t worry, this is quite normal and we are here to help! One of the great strengths of VoIP is that it can do so much more than an ordinary telephone network whilst costing an awful lot less. In practise Voipfone’s services can be as simple as making a telephone call or as complicated as using a large business switchboard in several countries but anything new takes a bit of getting used to so if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call on 020 7043 5555

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