Package Builder™

As part of our no nonsense approach and determination to give you the best value possible, we’ve created the Voipfone Package Builder™

With the Voipfone Package Builder™ you can choose the services you need and no more. Now you can add and remove products whenever you need to - you’re not tied down to contracts and complicated plans. Just click on the Read More button below for full details.(more…)

Services Overview

VoIP hosted switchboard and PBX services

Voipfone’s Virtual PBX is a digital telephone exchange housed in our data centre in London’s Docklands.

Telephone Services

If you need a new telephone number there's no longer any need to have a new business phone line installed.

Business Broadband

Voipfone’s managed broadband is designed to provide a logical fit with Voipfone voice services.

Fax Services

With a Voipfone fax number you can both send and receive faxes without a fax machine.

SMS & Mobile Services

We offer a range of mobile services including SMS Text Messages, Call Back Services & free access callback.

Landline Services

Use your existing telephone and BT telephone line and number with Voipfone’s advanced features.

Directory Services

You can have your Voipfone telephone number listed in the BT phone book and the 118 online directory services.

VoIP Hardware

All our Plug & Go telephones and adapters are pre-configured with UK ring and dial tones,

Call Forwarding Services

Send calls to your new number to any telephone, anywhere, any time. Be in while you're out.

Porting Services

We can often transfers telephone numbers from other telephone companies onto our network.

Got a question?Based in the UK our phone services range from telephone calls, telephone lines, extensions and numbers, through voice prioritised Broadband Access to call forwarding services and sophisticated hosted voip, Virtual PBX (Centrex) and Call Centre products

Speak to a Customer Services Representative

Voipfone can seem very confusing at first, but don’t worry, this is quite normal and we are here to help! One of the great strengths of VoIP is that it can do so much more than an ordinary telephone network whilst costing an awful lot less. In practise Voipfone’s services can be as simple as making a telephone call or as complicated as using a large business switchboard in several countries but anything new takes a bit of getting used to so if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call on 020 7043 5555

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