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The D715 supports up to 4 SIP accounts and has a built in two-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for high-speed connectivity. It features a four-line black and white graphical display, along with four context-sensitive keys and and five programmable keys with built-in LEDs for visual call indication.

Featuring superior, crystal-clear call quality in both handset and hands-free use, the Snom D715 is the ideal handset for everyday business use.

Snom D715

Voipfone Plug & Go VoIP Hardware

We are a Service Provider - not just a retailer - so we only sell equipment that we know works well with our network and sourced from reputable suppliers who are members of our trade association ITSPA. Our range of Plug & Go Hardware Products is guaranteed to work with the Voipfone network 'straight out of the box'.


Four-line backlit B/W display

5 programmable function keys with built-in LEDs for visual call indication

PoE support (PSU available separately)

4 SIP accounts

Compatible with the D7 expansion module

Headset support:

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