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The Snom A100D is a wired binaural headset designed for maximum comfort and performance. Its lightweight and ergonomic design means it can be worn comfortably all day. The two speakers ensure perfect isolation in noisy environments.

The wideband technology ensures high-definition sound and crystal-clear communication. In addition the flexible boom and the passive noise cancelling microphone guarantee clear voice transmission.

Snom A100D Binaural Headset

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Superior wideband sound thanks to optimised speaker tuning

2 headphones for better insulation from the surrounding environment

300° flexible boom

Passive noise cancelling microphone

Quick Release (QR) adapter


Durable, lightweight steel-reinforced headband

Leatherette ear cushions

Ultra lightweight: 79g (excluding cable)

1m cable with clip


Impedance: 75+/- 15 Ohm, ETSI wideband

Frequency range: 150 Hz - 6,800 Hz

Max. noise level: 96dB +/- 3dB


Frequency range: 100 - 10,000 Hz

Noise cancelling: passive

Sensitivity: -35dB +/- 3dB standard (E-STD)

Compatible Telephones

Snom D3xx Series

Snom D7xx Series

Snom 7xx Series

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