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Back Grandstream HT-802 VoIP adapter

Adapters plug into your internet router so that you can use your existing analogue telephone on your internet connection*.

This telephone adapter has two sockets to attach two independent analogue phones. This is particularly useful to separate home and office working or a small company could have two handsets, each able to be used simultaneously for either inbound or outbound calls, as well as transferring calls. This set-up requires two Voipfone extensions.

The adapter is pre-configured with UK ring and dial tones, our own optimum network settings and your user account details - so you should be able to just plug it into your home or office network and start making calls straight away.

Once installed, all our equipment is auto-provisioned; this means that we can remotely adjust its setting to keep it up to date or perform remote diagnosis and maintenance if required. This ensures that your hardware is running at its best all the time.

*Adapters generally only work with one phone in each port. If you have internal wiring for extensions there are often ways of making all the older phones on it work with an adapter, but it will require some changes at the master socket. Depending how old your master socket is we may be able to advise on this, but generally a better solution is to replace existing phones with a wireless solution such as our Gigaset DECT phones.

Grandstream HT-802 VoIP adapter

Voipfone Plug & Go VoIP Hardware

We are a Service Provider - not just a retailer - so we only sell equipment that we know works well with our network and sourced from reputable suppliers who are members of our trade association, Comms Council UK. Our range of Plug & Go Hardware Products is guaranteed to work with the Voipfone network 'straight out of the box'.


Supports two SIP profiles through two FXS ports and a single 10/100Mbps port

Supports 3-way voice conferencing

Supports a wide range of caller ID formats

Includes a UK Power Supply (5V 1A Micro USB)

Two FREE RJ11 to BT adapters included.

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