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Back RJ11 to BT Adapter

RJ11 to BT Adapter with Ring Capacitor (for FXS)

Provides standard BT Socket wiring for telephones, as well as generating the ringing signal so that incoming calls will ring phones designed for UK standards.

RJ11 to BT Adapter

Voipfone Plug & Go VoIP Hardware

We are a Service Provider - not just a retailer - so we only sell equipment that we know works well with our network and sourced from reputable suppliers who are members of our trade association, Comms Council UK. Our range of Plug & Go Hardware Products is guaranteed to work with the Voipfone network 'straight out of the box'.


RJ11 Male Plug - for connection to ATA Socket (FXS)

BT Female Socket - for connection to the analogue telephone

Internal Ringing Capacitor

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