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The D785 is part of Snom's D7-series of IP desk phones. This high-end desk phone supports up to 12 SIP accounts and has a built-in two-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for high speed connectivity.

Featuring a large high resolution 4.3" TFT-colour display, the D785 has 24 self-labelling programmable function keys (6 physical) with multi-coloured LEDs for visual call indication, providing users with increased visibility and efficiency.

Complete with integrated Bluetooth and USB connectivity, the D785 offers users a variety of functionality enhancing features including the use of a USB corded or Bluetooth headset, connection to the D7 expansion keypad or WiFi. Along with other models in the Snom range, the D785 has an intuitive user-friendly menu as well advanced remote management and provisioning capabilities making it the perfect companion for users requiring cutting-edge design, high-end functionality and unprecedented HD audio quality.

For those who don't require Bluetooth connectivity, the Snom D785N offers all of the other features of the D785 at a lower price point.

Please note: This Snom phone is a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) enabled device, and is not supplied with a PSU. If you require a PSU, please select one from the VoIP Accessories section.

Snom D785

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4.3" high-resolution colour TFT display

24 self-labelling programmable function keys with built-in LEDs for visual call indication (6 physical)

2-port 1-Gigabit Ethernet Switch (RJ45) IEEE 802.3

12 SIP accounts

Wideband hands-free talking (speakerphone)

Digital Signal Processor (DSP) enhanced audio quality

Integrated Bluetooth (D785 only, not D785N)

Local directory with 1000 entries

Dual-angle foot stand

VPN support

Compatible with the D7 expansion module

Headset support:

Support for wireless headsets via Electronic hook switch (EHS)

Supplied with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty

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