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As Snom's first conferencing phone, the Meeting Point compliments the existing range with an executive business VoIP SIP conferencing model.

The Snom Meeting Point is perfect for use in middle to large conference rooms. Ideal for groups up to 10 people with excellent sound quality which is not affected by any background noise.

Like the Snom KlarVoice handset, the Snom Meeting Point works off the G.722 codec, with 3 speakers providing full duplex broadband audio. Providing clear audio for all 10 users, and up to four external participants involved in the conference.

The Snom Meeting Point has standard SIP telephone setup, supporting standard Snom provisioning.

Importantly, the Snom Meeting Point SIP conferencing phone, is unique in that it is the only current SIP conference phone which works in unison with Microsoft Office Communication Server (OCS) 2007. The Snom Meeting Point works in parallel with Snom OCS and any SIP base IP PBX.

Snom Meeting Point

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OmniSound Full duplex broadband sound technology

Management of up to 4 external participants

Recording range up to 30m Square room area or 10 participants

Simultaneous management of internal and external telephone listings (LDAP)

Connection type for add-on microphones for a larger recording range.

Microsoft Office Communication server 2007 R2 ready

Multiple SIP registrations

Broadband quality by G.722


Auto answer (Suitable for remote carers)

Different locations

With the new snom MeetingPoint you are able to allow for a total of external four parties to participate at the phone conference from different locations all over the world.

This helps to control the time- and travel budget of every company!


The snom MeetingPoint is perfectly qualified for use in middle to large conference rooms.

As result of the reliable suppression of disturbing background noise and its excellent sound quality you can hold your telephone conferences in large groups of up to 10 persons without affecting the intelligibility of the call.

Three speakers, equipped with full duplex broadband audio (7 kHz, codec "G.722") provide balanced and full sound, which snom customers also know from the snom klarVoice handset.

The integrated special microphones ensure that your interlocutors feel as if you are sitting in the neighboring office - and not on the other side of the world!

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