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As well as all the features and build quality of the snom 300 this phone has the added benefit of many pre-programmed keys to do the most common tasks such as call transfer, call conference, redial, hold and do not disturb. It can also handle 12 incoming calls and supports power over Ethernet (802.3af) which means that when used on a compatible network with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), it will work even during a mains power failure.

Snom 320 Black

Voipfone Plug & Go VoIP Hardware

We are a Service Provider - not just a retailer - so we only sell equipment that we know works well with our network and sourced from reputable suppliers who are members of our trade association, Comms Council UK. Our range of Plug & Go Hardware Products is guaranteed to work with the Voipfone network 'straight out of the box'.


Two-line display with graphical field

47 keys, 13 LEDs

12 programmable function keys


Dual Ethernet connection (10/100 Mbps)

Power over Ethernet

Headset connection



Codecs: G.711, G.729A, G.723.1, G.722, G.726, GSM 6.10 (Full rate)

National Language Support

very low energy consumption

Auto answer (Suitable for remote carers)

Display and keys

A 2 x 24 semi-graphic LCD display and menu-driven user interface support an uncomplicated feature management.12 programmable keys with LEDs support quick access to important extensions. Call list and address book can contain up to 100 entries each, and entries can be added and changed easily.


Other features like blocking anonymous calls, downloading ringtones, auto-answer mode, DND mode, and other features are only examples from an abundance of functions which make phone use convenient and comfortable while increasing productivity. FREE ethernet cable & power supply included.

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