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Telephone Systems For Homeworkers

Telephone Systems For Homeworkers

The number of people homeworking or tele-commuting is increasing. With office space becoming ever-more expensive and employees demanding more flexible working it's not difficult to work out why. Added to this drive from established businesses, new start-ups spring from the kitchen table inspired by the successes of the pioneers.


It used to be difficult to make homeworking work for the employer – and the start-up too – because the technologies to support them just weren't there, but these days of internet technologies and cloud services have made it not only viable but cheap and easy too.


One of the major breakthroughs has been in telephony. Getting a second number in your home was expensive and operated completely independently from your employer's systems. Calling between the mothership and you was expensive and an administrative problem. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has solved these problems and many more and done it in a very inexpensive way.


Why Voipfone?


Advanced Call Routing


Advanced Call Routing


Send your incoming calls exactly where you want them to go, when you want them to go there - automatically. Send calls to any other number on your PBX or even outside it. Call Routing is a very powerful tool; Voipfone makes it very simple to use.

Allows Flexible Working


Allows Flexible Working


Your staff are hard to find; to attract and keep them you have to keep up with modern working practices – hot-desking, flexible hours and home and remote-site working. Voipfone enables this at no extra cost along with many free features.

Virtual Switchboard IVR


Virtual Switchboard IVR


Our Interactive Voice Response System gives your customers the ability to direct their call to where it can best be answered and allows you to customise the announcements as you like.

First Class Support


First Class Support


Voipfone is the only telephone company to win the Institute of Customer Services, Customer Focus Award. Our support team are UK nationals - when you're stuck, we're here to help.


How Can Voipfone Help Homeworkers?


Homeworkers can now simply plug a VoIP telephone into their internet connection – wherever in the world he or she is – and that phone will work exactly as it does as if it was in the main office; and there are no charges for calls for anyone on the system. Essentially it becomes a remote extension of the employer's switchboard.


Individuals too, can now have a real telephone number that works like any other for just £2 per month; it works instantly on purchase and doesn't commit them to long term contracts, so start-ups have a real start.


What's more all Voipfone's VoIP services can be expanded at will to include a host of features only found on the most advanced corporate PBXs at very little additional cost - features like telephone extensions, call queues, IVRs (press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts etc), free conference calling, music on hold, companywide call recording etc etc).


We are the experts in homeworking. Voipfone is a virtual business with no offices – all our 40 staff are homeworkers and have done for 15 years. We won the Internet Telephone Service Providers Association (ITSPA), we hold their quality mark and we won the Award for best SOHO service in 2018, so you can trust that we know what we're doing!


If you'd like to find out more about how we can help homeworkers, please call us on 020 7043 5555.


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