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Wi-Fi calling

Wi-Fi calling

Using Wi-Fi to make phone calls is a great way to stay connected, especially in areas with poor mobile reception. It is also a useful way to avoid expensive roaming charges when travelling overseas.

Most modern smartphones support Wi-Fi calling, but many mobile networks have specific requirements or limitations.

A better way is to install an app called a 'softphone' on your mobile device. This will turn your phone into a fully-fledged VoIP (Voice over IP) device, that can make calls using Wi-Fi (or mobile data) without any restrictions from your mobile network provider.

Download our free softphone app

At Voipfone we provide our customers with a free softphone app for both iPhone and Android, which you can download using the links below.

Available on the App Store Available on the Google Play Store

Set up an account

If you do not already have a Voipfone account, take a look at our selection of ready-made plans or pick exactly what you need with Voipfone Flex. No matter which you choose, you're not tied down to a contract so you can easily change plan whenever you want.

Configure the app

The app is configured simply by entering your Voipfone account number (including extension number) and the 6-digit password for that extension. There is also an option to configure the app by scanning a QR code. If you're not sure where to find these, we have written detailed instructions on how to configure our softphone on both iPhone and Android.

Note that you can only have one device registered to each extension. While you can set each extension to display the same number on outgoing calls, if you want incoming calls to ring both your desk phone and your mobile softphone, you can either place both extensions into a call group, or set diverts so that calls to the desk phone are forwarded to the softphone when busy or unanswered. Alternatively you can use our free GeoDivert® app to automatically divert calls to your softphone when you are away from your office.

Make a call

Once everything is set up, you can make a call using the dial pad within the app, or by selecting from your contacts.

Remember that while Wi-Fi calling is excellent for indoor use or in areas with poor mobile reception, the call quality heavily depends on the strength and speed of your Wi-Fi connection.

Emergency Calls

Be aware that if you make a call to the emergency services using your softphone, your location will not be automatically transmitted to the call handler. You can register an address for the outgoing Caller ID your sofphone is using, but the emergency services know that you are making a VoIP call and so you will be asked to confirm your location when you call.

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