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It Don't Work, What Should I Do?

Unfortunately, this does sometimes happen but usually the solution can be found quickly, and our support engineers are always on hand to offer help and advice.

First, check that your Internet connection is working normally by checking your email or logging into a web site. If it isn't working, you may need to contact your Internet Service Provider or check that your LAN and routers are operational. (Often simply turning off your router and turning it back on again solves the problem).

Assuming you have access to the Internet, you should check the speed and quality of your connection.

To Check The Speed

Visit www.speedtest.net and click 'Begin Test' once the test has completed email the results over to us. Click 'Share Result' then click 'Copy'.

To Check The Quality

Visit www.pingtest.net and click 'Begin Test' once the test handset completed email the results over to us. Click 'Share Result' then click 'Copy'.

Got a question?

New technology can seem confusing at first, but don't worry, we are here to help!

Your call, email or chat will be handled by one of our real live
customer services representatives - no AI, no bots!

Got a Question?

You can speak to one of our Customer Service representatives by calling our dedicated Customer service line on 0345 868 5555 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Configure Services

Log in to your online control panel to configure your services. With Voipfone's online control panel you can manage your account in real time, from your PC anywhere in the world.


You can try our service for FREE - without risk or commitment. Firstly, we'll give you a free incoming 056 telephone number so that people can call you from ordinary telephones.