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PBX Extension Numbers

PBX Extension Numbers

Our Virtual PBX can have up to 800 extensions on each account and each extension can be called 'internally' by dialling its three digit short code or externally by adding DDIs.

Extensions can be in the same office or scattered all over the world.

It doesn't matter where they are physically located; they always work in the same way wherever - calls between extensions are always free no matter where they are.

Extensions have all the features and functions of main accounts plus a few more.

Up to 800 extensions

Up to 800 extensions

Free internal calls

Free internal calls

Enables PBX features

Enables PBX features

How Much Does It Cost?

In our monthly plans, each user you purchase includes a free extension.
On Voipfone Flex, they cost just £1.50 per month each

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How Do I Use It?

It's very simple to set up. Just log in to the control panel and go to the "Package Builder", choose "Virtual PBX", then "Extension Numbers" from the menu and click "Add Extensions to Your Package". Follow the payment instructions.

Now go to "Services", then click on the "Virtual PBX" icon and then "Extension Numbers" to configure each extension. That's it, done!

How Do I Set up My Phones to Work With Them?

Setting up your phone to work with your extensions is a simple process, the following page will show you how to set up your PBX extensions.

Got a question?

New technology can seem confusing at first, but don't worry, we are here to help!

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Virtual Switchboard (IVR)

You can direct your customers to exactly the right person, extension or group of extensions.

PBX Call Groups

The group feature allows you to combine some of your extensions so that they ring together when called.

PBX Business Hours

Set your opening hours so that when you are closed your calls get routed elsewhere.