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PBX Call Groups

Call Groups

The group feature allows you to combine some of your extensions so that they ring together when called. This is useful if your business is organised into departments with more than one person in each department or if some of your people wish to work from home as well as the office (no need to set diverts or call different numbers).

Flexible call routing with Group Diverts

Flexible call routing with Group Diverts

Ring multiple extensions

Ring multiple extensions

Combine with a Queue or IVR

Combine with a Queue or IVR

How Much Does It Cost?

Call groups are included in all of our monthly plans. They're also available on Voipfone Flex for only £1 per month

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How Do I Use It?

Go to "Services", "Virtual PBX" and click on "Call Groups". You will see all your extensions laid out vertically and your available groups horizontally. The groups you have not yet bought yet are greyed out.

Tick the extensions you wish to be grouped together (ie those that you wish to ring simultaneously when called). Save.

Now click on "Inbound Numbers". In the drop down menu next to the telephone number that you wish to direct to the group of extensions you have just made choose Group 1 (or whatever number group you have used). Save.

Now whenever that number is called those extensions in your new group will ring, wherever they are.

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Virtual Switchboard (IVR)

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Call Queuing

Call queuing is a sophisticated queuing system that allows you to queue multiple calls.

PBX Extension Numbers

You can have up to 800 extensions on each account and each extension can be rung internally.