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Call Recording Prices

With the Cloud Call Recording Service:

£ per month (ex VAT) £ per month (inc VAT)
Cloud Call Recording Service £10 £12
Storage Fee £1 per 1000 minutes £1.20 per 1000 minutes

Without the Cloud Call Recording Service:

Pence per minute (ex VAT) Pence per minute (inc VAT)
Call Recordings 2.5p 3p

To record a call, just press your phone's record button - any time during the call. If you haven't got a record button, that's no problem - just press the #0 keys on any VoIP telephone. Recording will stop automatically when you press the record button (or #0) again or when you hang up.

You may make as many recordings as you like. You can then play them back immediately from here or download them and keep them forever on your PC or database. Recording calls costs 2.5p per minute (3p inc. VAT) of recording time. There are no other charges.

Package Builder

As part of our no nonsense approach and determination to give you the best value possible, we've created the Voipfone Package Builder™.

With the Voipfone Package Builder™ you can choose the services you need and no more. Now you can add and remove products whenever you need to - you're not tied down to contracts and complicated plans.

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Voipfone Call Cost Calculator

You can view prices for specific countries by selecting from the drop down window below.

You can also perform a more detailed search by entering the full telephone number you want to call in the search field.

When making calls to any destination other than the UK please remember to include the international dialling code for the country you wish to call.

Honest & Transparent Pricing

Honest & Transparent Pricing

We have a policy of honest, transparent pricing. A UK landline call costs 1ppm, a UK mobile call is 7ppm and calls to most Western country landlines cost 2ppm. We have a minimum charge of 1p. Packages of calls can be bought at large discounts. We believe that this is clear and fair.

The telephone industry is notorious for deliberately obfuscating its prices and using rather underhand tricks to disguise its charges.

We have written an article 'Scams of the Telephony Trade' which will help you spot the most obvious scams and misleading marketing techniques.

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