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Cordless (DECT) phones

DECT internet phones are wireless or cordless phones. They have base stations that connect by cable to your broadband router and transmit to the handsets so that you can carry them around your home, office or garden – like a mobile phone.

DECT is a mature and very reliable technology providing excellent sound quality, security, range and battery life. One base station can support several extension phones that you can leave on their dedicated charging stations anywhere you have a mains socket.

Our range of DECT phones have been tested extensively so we can guarantee that they are fully compatible with our network. We guarantee that our phones are fully plug & play but if you have any problems at all, we'll fix them for you.

Desk phones

If you're using your phone for business, it's best to use our new generation of digital telephones. They deliver high voice quality and have far more useful functionality than older phones allowing you to transfer calls, put people on hold, make conference calls, call frequently used numbers and so on, all at the touch of a button.

These phones integrate perfectly with our cloud PBX giving you access to sophisticated services such as multiple extensions, call queuing, busy lamps, call recording and voice response systems. With their matching headsets they allow handsfree working for those needing to answer calls and enter data simultaneously.

All our phones are truly plug & play; we configure them for you before shipping and maintain them online thereafter.

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