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FreePBX Configuration Guide

Here you will find the configuration details for FreePBX - an open source PBX that you can build yourself. This may not be exhaustive or tailored to your exact needs and is offered only as a guide to get you started.

  1. Log in to the FreePBX Management Portal
  2. Select "Connectivity"
  3. Select "Trunks"
  4. Select "Add SIP (chan_sip) Trunk"

In the "General Settings" section, configure "Trunk Name" as you wish (eg: "Voipfone")

In the "SIP Settings" section within the "Outgoing" tab, configure "Trunk Name" as you wish (eg: "Voipfone")

Peer Details:


Don't do anything in the "Incoming Settings" section - leave it blank and continue to the next section.

In the "Registration Settings" section, set "Register String" to <ACCOUNT-NUMBER>:<PASSWORD>@sip.voipfone.net/<ACCOUNT-NUMBER>

Remember you have to "Submit Changes" at the bottom, and then "Apply Changes" at the top.

  1. Select "Connectivity"
  2. Select "Outbound Routes"
  3. Select "Add Route"

"Route" Settings:

Route Name: for example 'out-by-voipfone'

Dial Patterns that will use this Route:

There are 4 boxes:

  • [prepend]: leave alone
  • [prefix]: leave alone
  • [match pattern]: set to "X." - this will send all of our outbound call requests to Voipfone
  • [CallerID] - leave alone

"Trunk Sequence" for "Matched Routes" settings:

From the drop down list, select the "Trunk Name" you created earlier (eg: 'Voipfone')

Remember you have to "Submit Changes" at the bottom, and then "Apply Changes at the top.

  1. Select "Connectivity"
  2. Select "Inbound Routes"
  3. Select "Add Incoming Route"

"Incoming Route" Settings:

Description: as you wish (eg: 'in-from-voipfone')

Changes to other settings are not required. Continue down to "Set Destination":

Choose how your system routes calls. Extensions, IVR, Queues, Ring Groups etc. You should have already configured the destination. For example, probably the simplest configuration - Extensions - <nnnn> First User.

Remember you have to "Submit Changes" at the bottom, and then "Apply Changes" at the top.

The <ACCOUNT-NUMBER> mentioned should be replaced with your own details - this is often the Voipfone account number, typically 8 digits long, starting 3. Take care to replace the <PASSWORD> too.

You don't use any of your Voipfone phone numbers in the above configuration. You don't use your registered email address in the configuration.

  1. Select "Reports"
  2. Select "Asterisk Info"
  3. Select "Registries"

"Chan_Sip Registry" should show that you are sucessfully registered and online with Voipfone.

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