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What Is a Geographic Number?

Geographic numbers are the normal way of numbering landlines and denote your location. So that in the old telecommunication world, a 0207 number is fixed to Central London and a 01273 number is fixed to Brighton.

For £3 per month you can choose to have a UK Geographic number. This allows people to call you from UK landlines and mobiles at the standard rates for their telephone service.

Calls to your Geographic number from other Voipfone customers are free.

However, with Internet Telephony you can choose ANY geographical number, no matter where you are actually located. You could finally finish up in Calcutta! And, of course, if the number is called by another Voipfone customer, the call is totally free.

There are many uses for these numbers; the obvious one being that a business can have a prestigious telephone address whilst being somewhere else entirely. You can also now move your office to anywhere in the world and keep this telephone number.

For the personal user, it means that if you have moved abroad but still have family in the UK you could take a number for the town your relative lives in, they can then make ordinary calls to you, no matter where in the world you are, for the cost of a local call.

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