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VoIP for Business Customers

VoIP Internet Telephony is liberating businesses from expensive and inflexible communication services, in some cases saving thousands of pounds every year. Most businesses use Voipfone not just to cut down on their telecom bill but also to enable them to do things that were just impossible for them before.

Many small and medium businesses now have a broadband internet connection installed and it makes a lot of sense to get the most out of it.

With broadband in place, all calls between and within your offices can be free and customers can call you in the normal way.

So if you have offices in London, Edinburgh, Paris and New York, calls between and within them are are secure, reliable and cost nothing.

Not only that, but calls outside your network to any telephone anywhere in the world are charged at a much reduced rate than traditional telephony providers.

You can find out how much these calls cost by using our call cost calculator.

If you choose our inclusive minutes packages, calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles can be made with significant discounts.

You also have access to all the features and functionality of a modern PBX switchboard at a tiny fraction of the price.

These are just some of the features included in all our services: Voicemail and Voicemail Email Alert, Incoming PSTN number, Calling Line ID, Call Transfer, Call Hold, Call Divert, 1471, 123, Call Waiting, Software Telephone, 3-Way Calls, Voipfone Setup Wizard, Multiple Lines, and free 24/7 Technical Support.

You can do all of this from your existing PC with our free softphone installed, with your existing telephone hardware (you just need one of our adapters for each phone) or you can invest in advanced new Internet Telephones.

If you would like to know more about our VoIP functions features and services, many of which are FREE please call our Customer Services team on 0345 868 5555.

Got a question?

New technology can seem confusing at first, but don't worry, we are here to help!

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Got a Question?

You can speak to one of our Customer Service representatives by calling our dedicated Customer service line on 0345 868 5555 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Configure Services

Log in to your online control panel to configure your services. With Voipfone's online control panel you can manage your account in real time, from your PC anywhere in the world.


You can try our service for FREE - without risk or commitment. Firstly, we'll give you a free incoming 056 telephone number so that people can call you from ordinary telephones.