Grandstream Handytone Configuration Guide


Grandstream Handytone Setup Guide1.Firstly you should reset your phone adaptor - heres how:


Step 1:

Find the MAC address of the device. It is a 12 digits HEX number located on the bottom of the unit.

Step 2:

Encode the MAC address. Please use the following mapping:

0-9: 0-9
A: 22
B: 222
C: 2222
D: 33
E: 333
F: 3333

For example, if the MAC address is 000b8200e395, it should be encoded as

Step 3:

To perform factory reset:

a. Pickup the attached phone, dial ***.
b. Enter “99” and get the voice prompt “Reset”.
c. Enter the encoded MAC address of the device.
d. Wait for 15 seconds.

The device will reboot automatically


2. Once your adaptor has reset pickup the attached telephone and call *** followed by 02 - You'll hear a read out of IP address - note this down, disregarding any leading 0's. So if you hear - note down


3. Type the web address into a web browser on a local PC (internet explorer, for example) it will look something like in your browsers address bar.

You will be prompeted for a password, enter 'admin' and click 'login'.


4.You will see a screen like the one below. Please change all settings which are displayed in purple.

Admin Password:   (password to configure this IP phone)
IP Address:
dynamically assigned via DHCP (default) or PPPoE
(will attempt PPPoE if DHCP fails and following is non-blank)

  PPPoE account ID:
  PPPoE password:
                                                                                                Use this DNS server (if specified): . . .
statically configured as:
       IP Address:   . . .
       Subnet Mask:   . . .
       Default Router:   . . .
       DNS Server 1:   . . .
       DNS Server 2:   . . .
SIP Server:   (e.g.,, or IP address)
Outbound Proxy:   (e.g.,, or IP address, if any)
SIP User ID:   (the user part of an SIP address)
Authenticate ID:   (can be identical to or different from SIP User ID)
Authenticate Password:  
Name:   (optional, e.g., John Doe)
Advanced Options:  
Preferred Vocoder:
(in listed order)
  choice 1:  
  choice 2:  
  choice 3:  
  choice 4:  
  choice 5:  
  choice 6:  
  choice 7:  
G723 rate:   6.3kbps encoding rate       5.3kbps encoding rate
iLBC frame size:   20ms       30ms
iLBC payload type:   (between 96 and 127, default is 98)
Silence Suppression:   No       Yes
Voice Frames per TX:   (up to 10/20/32/64 for G711/G726/G723/other codecs respectively)
Layer 3 QoS:   (Diff-Serv or Precedence value)
Layer 2 QoS:   802.1Q/VLAN Tag     802.1p priority value (0-7)
Use DNS SRV:   No      Yes
User ID is phone number:    No       Yes
SIP Registration:   Yes     No
Unregister On Reboot:   Yes     No
Register Expiration:   (in minutes. default 1 hour, max 45 days)
Early Dial:   No       Yes (use "Yes" only if proxy supports 484 response)
Dial Plan Prefix:   (this prefix string is added to each dialed number)
No Key Entry Timeout:   (in seconds, default is 4 seconds)
Use # as Dial Key:   No       Yes (if set to Yes, "#" will function as the "(Re-)Dial" key)
local SIP port:   (default 5060)
local RTP port:   (1024-65535, default 5004)
Use random port:   No      Yes
NAT Traversal:   No   
  Yes, STUN server is: (URI or IP:port)
keep-alive interval:   (in seconds, default 20 seconds)
Use NAT IP   (if specified, this IP address is used in SIP/SDP message)
TFTP Server:   . . . (for remote software upgrade and configuration)
SUBSCRIBE for MWI:   No, do not send SUBSCRIBE for Message Waiting Indication
  Yes, send periodical SUBSCRIBE for Message Waiting Indication
Offhook Auto-Dial:   (User ID/extension to dial automatically when offhook)
Enable Call Features:   No      Yes (if Yes, Call Forwarding & Do-Not-Disturb are supported locally)
Disable Call-Waiting:   No      Yes
Send DTMF:   in-audio     via RTP (RFC2833)     via SIP INFO
DTMF Payload Type:  
Send Flash Event:   No      Yes   (Flash will be sent as a DTMF event if set to Yes)
FXS Impedance:  
NTP Server:   (URI or IP address)
Time Zone:  
Daylight Savings Time:   No      Yes   (if set to Yes, display time will be 1 hour ahead of normal time)
Send Anonymous:   No      Yes   (caller ID will be blocked if set to Yes)
Lock keypad update:   No      Yes   (configuration update via keypad is disabled if set to Yes)

Once you have changed the settings in purple, click 'update' - once you have updated the device come back to this page and select 'reboot'

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