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Linksys And Cisco Telephone Setup Guide SPA921 SPA941 SPA942

Linksys And Cisco Telephone Setup Guide SPA921 SPA941 SPA94

Here you will find setup and configuration information for popular Linksys And Cisco Telephone Setup models SPA921 SPA941 SPA942.


After configuration you should power cycle the device.

1. Find the IP of your phone:

Press Menu followed by the number 9 key.

2. Visit your configuration page:

Now that you know the IP of your phone, type it into a browser on a PC attached to the network.
For example Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.

You may need to type in http:// before the IP. It will look something like this: or

3. Login as an administrator, and view configuration in advanced view

Click the Admin Login button at top right of page, then click switch to advanced view at the top right of the page

4. Setup the line you wish to use

Click Ext 1 or Ext 2 depending on which line you wish to configure for the Voipfone service. Once you have the page up that you need to configure you need to enter the following information

A: Proxy and Registration;


Use outbound proxy :No

Outbound proxy

Use OB Proxy in Dialog: Yes

Register: Yes

Make Call without Reg: No

Register Expires:60

Everything else can be left on its defaults in the Proxy and Registration section

B: Subscriber Information

Display Name: Name you wish to have displayed when making calls to other VoIP users

User ID: Your user ID starting 30 and consisting of 8 digits. E.g. 30100000 [for PBX users enter user ID with *200 at the end, where your extension is 200. E.g. 30100000*200]

Password: Your 6 digit Voipfone password. This can be found in your sign up confirmation email.

Use Auth ID: Yes

Auth ID: Same as User ID (see above)

Everything else can be left on its defaults in the Subscriber Information section.

Once this information is entered submit changes by clicking save settings or submit changes at the bottom of the page. Your device should now be working, if not enable the outbound proxy. See 4.A above for information on how to do this.


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