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Once configured, Call Pickup allows you to answer incoming phone calls to extensions other than your own, on-the-fly from your own extension.

To pick-up someone else's call, press **2xx (where 2xx is the extension number eg 202. 207 etc), then hang up your phone and it will ring as if you were that extension.

Call Pickup - Allow List

There maybe commercial, security or personal reasons why you would wish some extensions to be answerable only by authorised people; for example, you may wish only your PA to answer your phone, or only sales personnel to answer sales calls.

To Configure Call Pickup

The default set-up is for all extensions to have call pickup enabled so if you wish everyone to be able to answer anybody else's calls you need do nothing.

If you wish to control who can answer which calls, you use the block tool to configure your phones exactly the way you need them.

In the Control Panel, go to the Call Pickup page (ServicesVirtual PBXCall Pickup).

Click on the Edit button for the extension you want to change.

Call pickup settings

You can then choose which of your other extensions should not be able to pick up your calls. Just select them from the checkboxes and hit Close. you can select all checkboxes by using the Block All button.

Chosing an extension to block

Once chosen, you are able to remove extensions from your selection using the same edit screen.

Don't forget to press Save when you're done.

Call pickup overview

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